Sugar Ray frontman Mark Mcgrath has vowed to be more selective with his tattoos, after a religious tribute ended up looking like "Janis Joplin drinking some SOUTHERN COMFORT".

The rocker, who is now a co-host on entertainment TV show EXTRA!, boasts a variety of tattoos all over his body, but he admits one of them turned out horribly wrong.

He says, "I had one on my neck and it was the VIRGIN MARY, supposedly. But when I woke up the next day, it looked like Janis Joplin drinking some Southern Comfort.

"And Christmas was like the day and it was at my house, so I had this turtle neck on. My mom was like, 'Is something wrong with your neck, Mark?' I go, 'No!'

"I got it lasered off, which is a fun process. Imagine having a fireball shot through your body. You really like learn; I won't do that again. Not only is a neck tattoo not good for TV, it's not good for life, really.

"Next time you guys get a tattoo, make sure there's no bar next door. Not a good idea! Don't let JACK DANIELS pick out your tattoos!"

24/09/2004 19:22