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For Hero: For Fool
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Subtle For Hero: For Fool Album

Well it was touch and go there for a minute. Those of you who already dig Subtle will remember the tour bus accident last February, which resulted in keyboard wizard Dax Pierson being paralysed from the chest down. Truly a dark day for all involved, not to mention fans the world over, who joined forces to show their support on Dax's very own website, Despite all that, and against the odds, Subtle have returned with 'For Hero: For Fool'. It's gonna be hard to top 'A New White', lets see how they did shall we!

In no uncertain terms, Subtle are one of the most exciting bands, not only to come out of the interestingly titled 'folk-hop' scene, but to come out of any scene for quite some time. There's nobody who sounds like these guys, not even within their own musical community, they are truly original, and for that reason a sigh of relief could be heard from all around when details of this album were released. 'A Tale of Apes I' is testimony that these guys aren't gonna let anything stand in the way of what they're about, and should quickly disperse any ideas that the accident might have changed their sound. It is also clear that each member is spreading their musical wings, and all bring more contradictory influences to our attention, too many to mention, creating an even more complex palette of sound for our consumption.

Lyrically, it's more of what you have come to expect from the sharp and intelligent rasp of Mr. Adam 'Doseone' Drucker. Poetically flitting from political rhetoric to an almost child-like curiosity. As well as harnessing their ever-prominent electronic elements of their production, they also sound more like a band on this outing, utilising the guitars and live drums much more than previously, and jamming things out more than ever before.

Rather then running out of new ideas and sounding more like their other projects (Themselves, 13&God, cLOUDEAD to name a few.) these guys have fused even more ideas into this 51 minute opus than you can shake a stick at. Although, if you are shaking a stick at a CD, or your hi-fi for that matter, I would consider seeking professional help, ok.stop shaking your stick at your computer and call your GP. If you like anything on Anticon, Mush or Lex (as these guys are) then check this out. Also look out for these guys touring in Oct/Nov. Enjoy.

Thom Holmes

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