Review of Threes, Fives and Sevens Album by Subkicks

Review of Subkicks album Threes, Fives and Sevens

Subkicks Threes, Fives and Sevens Album

Fat beats, scratchy vocals, sexy guitar riffs and quite a lot of confusion. The opener of the Subkicks 'Threes, Fives and Sevens' offers plenty, but is then let down by the most of the remaining album.

'Forminas Star' opens with a cool, fuzz loaded bass riff, some futuristic synth enters and the drums kick in. A scratchy double tracked vocal line then carries the track. Pretty cool I thought, gimme more. The second track 'Fatman' however is a let down after the opener, as are the following four tracks on the album. The heavy industrial sound seems to have been replaced by a slightly tipsy Boo Radley's.

Things pick up slightly on 'Under The Barricades' but it has the feel like Happy Mondays back catalogue was run through for inspiration. 'Sirens' is itself not too bad and final track 'Vanilla' could stand up on its own, and was obviously the correct choice for the closer. Although the use of female vocal line does make it sound slightly reminiscent of the Mondays again.

If you were to buy this album for the reason of listening to some sexy industrial indie dance music, then go and buy a Kasabian or Humanzi album instead. It's not a terrible album, but neither is it a great album.


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