Topher Grace - Topher Grace Launches Pop Culture Website

Actor Topher Grace has launched a new pop culture website.

Cereal Prize, which debuted on Thursday (05Feb14), features novelties, insider Hollywood information, re-edited movie trailers and comedic sketches.

The Spider-Man 3 star tells, "It'll be about 85 per cent aggregated content, meaning stuff on the Internet that I put in a certain order or kind of highlight or want to share with people, and then 15 per cent stuff that I make.

"That's why I have a button on there called Self-Centered S**t. I'm about to start a movie, and I'd love to film some footage while on set or do some Funny or Die-type sketches..."

The actor, who created and edits the site, explains the idea for Cereal Prize came from his desire to share his interest and passions with people.

He continues, "I'm that dude who always wants to share stuff with people - 'Check out this book', or, 'You gotta check out this weird Internet video', or, 'Here's this script that never got made...' I decided the way to solve the (social media) problem for me was to create this site that is kind of like a room, and then say to people through Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, 'Come over to my room! I've got stuff over here with much bigger content'."

Grace isn't the only Hollywood star with his own pop culture website - Joseph Gordon-Levitt's offers artists, animators, actors and directors a home to show off their creations. The Dark Knight Rises star recently landed a Tv deal for his project and now airs footage posted to his site on a weekly U.S. show.


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