Russell Brand - Russell Brand: 'I Pleasured Man In A Bar Bathroom For Documentary'

Funnyman Russell Brand has revealed he once pleasured a man in a pub bathroom as part of his documentary about social taboos.

The British star opened up about his unsavoury encounter he filmed for Re:Brand during a recently-recorded podcast he posted online.

He says, "I thought, 'I think of myself as heterosexual but perhaps that's 'cause of the environment that I grew up in where homosexuality may have been difficult for me to express.' I trawled around Soho (in London)... going (to) various gay bars, gay gyms, trying to pick people up with a film crew. I went in this pub and I goes (sic): 'Anyone want me to w**k them off?' And this bloke goes, 'Yep...' So we goes to the lavvy (restroom) - me, him, the director.

"He gets his willy (penis) out. And it was not nice. The phallus is... I like mine and you see some others in paintings that look all right but his looked like a rag... It were (sic) like massaging a naked mole rat and it wouldn't go hard!"

The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star admits he went even further when his willing sex partner couldn't retain an erection.

The comic adds, "He goes, 'I think... it would be easier if I was able to touch yours'. And I (thought), 'F**king hell mate, do us a favour!' And the director goes, 'Go on Russell, it would be funny...' So I take down my trousers and pants... and then the bloke sort of mauled at my genitals while I w**ked him off. I'm such a sex narcissist that, even though I'm not gay, I still wanted to be good at giving him a w**k."

Brand reveals he eventually brought the man to climax.


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