Mary-louise Parker - Red Producers Created Special Car For Terrible Driver Mary-louise Parker

Actress Mary-Louise Parker is such a notoriously bad driver the producers of action film franchise Red had to hire someone to operate the pedals in the cars driven by her character in the movies.

They also had to create special vehicles that allowed experts to sit below her, out of sight during fast-paced scenes in the film.

She tells Wenn, "The car had a pocket in the bottom of it so a person could sit there and drive it. There is this one scene that I had where I actually was responsible for driving the car, all I had to do was drive straight, like 25 feet - and I drove straight into a wall!

"(Co-star) John (Malkovich) was trying to tell me, 'No dear, you just keep the steering wheel straight,' and I crashed anyway. The director (Dean Parisot) put it on a loop and just sat there behind the video monitor watching it over and over, just dying laughing."

The actress' driving skills are so terrible that castmates and crew on her hit Tv show Weeds would stop what they were doing and rush to the set whenever her character had to get in a car.

She adds, "They'd just come out to watch me drive and say, 'Oh no, she's driving out of the parking lot!' I don't drive in real life. It's much safer for everyone."


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