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For pete's sake the man is grieving and he's in shock. He is going to carry this with him the rest of his life. He is always going to wonder "why didn't I see any signs" and "I should have stopped her". Suicide is a very selfish act. They are not thinking about the loved ones they are leaving behind. My heart goes out to him and bless the rest of the Stones, they're behind the legendary frontman. Hugs Mick and the rest of the boys.

9 months 6 days ago
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Christine Bard

He is grieving! This happened to me too back in 85. Its the worse, & I had to go to SOS (Survivors of Suicide) Meetings for a long time. Took me over 2 years to feel alittle better! It hasnt even been a month! Of course he is NOT going to be ok. He needs to relax, make sure he is eating/drinking. *With my situation, I broke up with boyfriend too, (moved out) & it really killed me, effected me. Thats all we think about too for a very long time. Its tragic, so of course he going to look like crap! Big HUGS for MICK!! <3

9 months 2 weeks ago
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