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theresa krasnuik

There is a little right and wrong in everyone, but I would pick Elton John for the win of the award of Glaad Media award. You know why? because he'a natural true original artist of song and music, all thoughts of writing songs, his lyrics mean womanly words ' we can relate to. and men to a woman songs that we all love to hear. I believe that when Elton John wrote his songs he was all sources of his own original sounds and everything his personal style. nothing can match or compare Sir Elton John to Gaga. she's a poparotsi want to sing this? would you like to dress in this? she's doesn't have style or originality either. Although the music of songs lyrics, words are givent o Gaga, I don't believe she's an Artist. So that's my opinion of the Elton John I hope he wins, cuz he deserves it. I'll have to watch on t.v. I am so excited to hopefully meet this one day personally I would love to. I am getting over my own personal familio's. ha, ha, anyway. the stay at home I hope he wins. Let me put it this way, its interesting to see, hear such lovely talent in sir Elton JOhn. sa true Artist. God I hope he wins.have a happy day. And he dresses his clothes are looking good. whos not appreciateing a musical talent of Sir Elton john. Its' not everyday that an real true artist would be born as such as this. we all like to go out and watch a concert. when we work all week, have time on the weekend to spend with the family, thats' what we all do, mostly anyhow. Gosh this is should be interesting. by the way the weather storms are on now still, this is seemingly the worst weather storms, rightn ow in florida its bad, here in Winnipeg its aweful. you'ld think you were in Alaska, they said that the cold weather where the now snow is piling up, is was causing the storms from M<Exico fronts of heat to cold of Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba, aweful, just aeful. aerial weather is not to be ignored, tornados' , good reports from Vancovuer offices, we certainlky love this, tomorrow is mom's my son's birthday he is turning 20 years old, Ty Emily Parisien, he's at his dad's ( my ex- place in Ste.Adolphe, I sent hima birthday card with $5.00 and a coupon for a Big Mac so he'ld celebrate his birthday, I was hoping you all could wish my son a Happy Birthday from his mother, thresa adele Krasnuik. thanks. Oh how nice this is. Nice on Broadway, friendship Centre Crossways I am calling from. still sleeping on the floor, didn't get home, have nothng to do with anyone. my house is in waits of me to walk through its my doors.

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