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hi, dear Elton JOhn, stay in your own place, stay home, where you can heal, hear your own words, you need rest. Last night I watched Elvis Presley. I think people would be better off, if they learned to respect people more. As for Elvis sometimes I did wonder too. if he was alive today, years ago, He's such a let down. So you too you better smarten up so we can have you around for lots of years to come ok, dear Sir Elton John, its nice to have friends, but be a friend to yourself for a change. stay home, get a DVD, play cards, on the coffee table, shoot the bull stories to talk about, take care of yourself for a change.See your acting movies later on, I will love that. I love watching your first movies, so I am very very happy to hear this news. I sent my daughter $50.00 she received it by money order, I'm so happy for her. Then today cuz its late, I sent her $50.00 for WEstern Union. she'll go get it. gosh thats' quick. Maybe I could send you flowers for once now, when I am back at work, have paid some of my bills, I'll do this. I still have my house in Zhoda. I am driving really slowly, after I saw a terrible accident, the airbags came out, opened, do you think nay things, are nice to be running through lights, like that, in okanagan? My God, there' s no respect among people. they ruined the Delta Hotel, with ribbons off of Yellow con artists came to the hotels, old GRande Hotel, turned into hells angels thugsters in newspaper, so gross, they have ruined an christian town, all these building weren't hre when geege bought the house, my dad , and I saw dirt lake, full of weeds, until we cleaned up this place, I can't believe how awefull those criminals are, I hope they went to jail. in the accidents' could have been worse, I guess, I left the house this morning, the neighbour says its crazy out there, be careful out there, the way they drive. I don't like that the license plate was CHLFAN, airbags opened spililng all the fuel into the roadside, behind the carwash, a tan truck went by it on towtruck, an the dark blue car 282 RLV, it was oncoiing in to trafic, liz used to say a lot ( she's the enemy to me, cuz wrong minded towards this mom) out of greed or hatred towards my father, she says when the ceiling, something like fan hits the ceiling, I was puzzled that the car was that license plate of FAN behind ending in these letters. at 11am this morning. so luckily there was police and ambulance, and firetrucks, all with lights on signalling traffic, to go away, taking hurt poeple, some where. Not to do anything with me. but probably not. so take care be safe, watch out for everything. we still love you sir elton john , and I realize you are gone, on your own, having your acting career. I'm getting my daughter to come out, Tasha, is coming here, as soon as she makes up her mind. I have weekend off, to get back to relax, and am getting back to work, hopefully Monday. The cherry crops are very nice. I feel rested enough I could go back to work. take care of yourself. Yeah, I did see the cute pretty baby William and Kate have, Just gorgeious lucky family . thats 'love. I have my own business to mind, but thats' what smart people do. He's quite a kid that William, Diana 's son. I too have children I can be proud of. Good Luck, And God bless.a fan from Sundown. I just to had to say something.

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