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Kardashian eBay auctions—Mmmm ... Many of the bidders who bid early and often on an eBay auction are most likely the seller's shills ... The fact is, shill bidding fraud is endemic on nominal-start auctions by professional sellers on eBay, and eBay Inc. is demonstrably the greatest knowing and calculated facilitator of such fraud on consumers that the world is ever likely to know, and I expect there will be a trickle down effect of such criminal activity to all other eBay operations ... The ugly reality of eBay Inc.: eBay's crooked auctions marketplace ... eBay Motors: Auction Fraud Galore … eBay's clunky, unscrupulous "PreyPal" ... The ongoing joke of eBay Inc. ... Fun quotes from the eBay executive suite ... And what does the "smart money" on Wall Street think about eBay? Well, in August 2007 the share prices of both eBay and Amazon were ~$40; today, eBay is ~$52; Amazon is ~$387 … Now, seriously, what more needs to be said, other than ... eBay / PayPal / Donahoe: Dead Men Walking ...

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