Elton John - Elton John is a proud dad

Sir Elton John is a ''proud'' dad.

The 'Rocket Man' hitmaker and husband David Furnish have sons Zachary, two, and Elijah, 10 months, and Take That frontman Gary Barlow - who has collaborated with the singer for his new solo album 'Since I Saw You Last' - says the star couldn't resist showing off pictures of the boys when they were in the recording studio together.

Gary said: ''We had a few hours in the studio recording this track for the record, but it was so sweet to see him reach in his bag and pull out his ipad and start showing us all pictures of the kids and he was so proud.

''It just goes to show, no matter who it is, kids change people. And he was besotted by his children. It's beautiful.''

Gary also spoke about Robbie Williams - who he famously had a long-running feud with from when the 'Angels' singer quit Take That in 1995 until 2007 - and said his friend is in a ''great place'' since becoming a father to daughter Teddy earlier this year.

Speaking to Jonathan Ross in an episode of his talk show airing on ITV in the UK tonight (23.11.13), he said: ''Rob's a big emailer. He loves emailing, block capitals...I hear from him a lot. He's a dad. He's in London at the moment, promoting his new record. He's in a great place. I always say to people, that Rob I didn't know for 10 years, I didn't know him. Because I was just reading things through the press, but I know a really good Rob right now. So I've got a good end of the deal.''


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