Elizabeth Hurley - Elizabeth Hurley gives Elton John parenting tips

Elizabeth Hurley gives Elton John and David Furnish parenting tips.

The 49-year-old actress - who has 12-year-old son Damian with her ex-boyfriend Stephen Bing - encouraged the couple to hire ''a new nanny of the highest calibre'' to help them care for their two sons, Zachary, three, and 17-month-old Elijah, when they're busy.

David, 51, told the MailOnline: ''Elton and I have to travel a great deal, so we've hired a new nanny of the highest calibre to look after the boys. Liz says children thrive on routine and emphasised this to us by saying as long as they stick to a programme, they are fine.''

He added: ''Liz said that when Damian was small, she'd have to go to New York for 48 hours for shoots and she'd leave him at home with a nanny because it was kinder than upsetting his sleep patterns.''

'Rocket Man' hitmaker Elton, 67, is Damian's godfather.

Meanwhile, the couple have already enrolled their eldest son at a smart feeder school for Eton College, as they hope to send him to the prestigious £34,000-a-year English boarding school in the future.

David explained: ''It is close to our Windsor home and all the Old Etonians I've met are the sort of men who can go anywhere and converse with anyone.

''They are not at all snobbish, and they are wonderfully talented - which is definitely what we want for Zachary and Elijah.''


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theresa krasnuik

hello, I hope to be at the concert for when Elton JOhn, performs in GM place in September I am feeling all wholesomely stronger than that old injury I had, but I see that sir Elton doesn't need a baby sitter afterall, I certainly like the way he drags his kids with him everywhere he goes. ! BE with children its the best. And then straight to College as you say its the best, they learn at an early age! remember that old saying. Stick them to school as quick as possible thats' how to do it. I am eating oragnes, apples, phone my daughter Tasha for her 25th Happy Britdahay is coiming and I am hopoign she will phone me. Tears, aren't swatterier than the old photographs of gege, cowing and haying, yeah I still believe being on the farm, is the best too. making chickens, hay, even sir Elton having kids put up a farm, selling fresh eggs to the local market, your boys, may very well, love this farming passed down heritage of your father's too,.My daughter she used to love to walk to the chicken coop with her mom and picking up the eggs from the nests its for sale she says. yeah and lemon aid. they love this. Now we have me picking bottles, an old hobby, since the time when my father JOHN, was drinking soberly, walking to the house on the farm, I can remember our conversatins of not likeing the bottles thrown in the ditch cuz he the cows would break/cuzt cut their hooves we , me I would pick up the glass beer bottles as they were only beer glass all over the ditches, another small paying .10 cents each this would be picked up myself as I drove the bicycle. so what I did now is as an falling back on something, clean the environment, cows didn't get cuts , custer on hoovers, we kept things clean on roadsides, up to Dembo's and back to JOHN"S. I can't tell you how much I miss my father, or my beloved sister, but I yeah, like frank in Russia, says, Grow UP< aren't you over 50. well, yeah, like uncle Steve would say, not having more than bird brains here and there, those these are not men. corruption is illegally weirdos'. there was a guy walking naked in the woods holding a plastic bottle near across Parkview rd. in the creek mission. where my brother Russell had a house, with his Wife melody, and their children hunter and holly, they moved away, I rented a small side end apartment, its up on stairs high into the house I go. its very destressless, but I liked it, but its too expensive. I ride mostly, take bus seldomly, my roses, I bought red ones, on the steps, and apples are growing, why didn't you get your children to plant seeds Sir Elton john, of the apples, get them to take out the seeds of the apple and plant them in soil put it in the house or windows, add you may that my sister Auntie Sonjia old this to me, from Sundown, Kelowna Okanagan valley mine are doing very well, growing in the rains. we have rains, snow in the mountains, a bus decorated MOUntain free ride with all the animals on it, free Shuttles in town. its nice. the quary, sancturary, birds, seen two deers behind dad's my father's place and thats' nice. see lots of birds, and deer came to me, where I live too. clopping on the ground running into a yard. there are people everywhere, but those liars, and new transients and old homeinvaders are sickening. be safe and careful, and stay safe. I will get back to work, happily healthy, and back home hope to find no more tresspassers been in church, dont' like being called a VAndiese. so I don't warm them enough I thought, but the lakes are high the boarts, I miss boating, one wrong friend but user or what/ I have a cold now, yeah its great to want to meet y ou in September I hope to, going to ask for work. I have been alone, doing nothing, but trying to move now. made that bottle hunt, collection pay off, and got myself out of a too high of a rent! I don't really like the Elizabeth advise, I think kids love to be by their parents, and sleep they need that home environment, its a tough decision to make but kids love to at once. yeah you're lucky, so hope all the best to you, and I hope to get a chance to meet you sir Elton john, I hope someone can pass this message to sir Elton john. And this beign my fathe'rs house, on Bertram I just an't deal with the trouble thief makes me. I'm around. sleeping very well in my apartment, evil wont' get to me. thanks. been in church sunday. every sunday, and by the way a breakfast of pancakes, and I thought the cooks seems to be great, they can cook so well, and friendly, I lost my lamp at Deny's so she gave me breakfast, take to heart. I miss my sister, but she sewed, I am looking for a way to get on to better things. I hoe.

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