Corey Feldman - Corey Feldman: 'I Think Michael Jackson Was Involved In His Own Death'

Actor Corey Feldman is convinced his friend, Michael Jackson, was responsible for his own death.

The King of Pop died in June 2009 from acute propofol and benzodiazepine intoxication and Jackson's personal doctor, Conrad Murray, was subsequently found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in 2011, and sentenced to four years in prison. He was released last week (begs28Oct13) due to jail overcrowding.

Feldman believes Jackson wanted to die and gave the world a message when he named his final tour This Is It.

He tells U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America, "I think Michael was much more involved with it (his death) himself and I don't mean an accidental drug overdose.

"This is it, that's all I'm going to say, this is it."

Jackson died just days before his 50-concert This Is It London residency was scheduled to begin.


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rosemary moly gomes's picture

rosemary moly gomes

Just find the issue...for menupelite story...& the foolish story teller have to tell carefully.Both are *****.MJ is...was...& always full of life & love.May be you people are prepairing or planning for your won deth...the more you try, more love & life will spread for MICHAEL JOSEPH JACKSON.

9 months 2 weeks ago
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corlista's picture


Corey, you blew all the good things you said about Michael in the rest of the interview. And CM, you cherry picked this info for the headline. CF was not this definite that that's what he thought happened

9 months 3 weeks ago
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YANNI54's picture


Not only his children, but his mom and I truly believe the rest of his family and especially his fans! He may have not wanted to do 50 concerts and he may have wanted to find a way to not be locked into the contract that AEG tricked him into doing, but I don't think he would have wanted to kill himself to get those results. Multiple people did say that MJ thought others wanted to kill him for other reason and that I do believe. They all knew that his popularity alone could persuade the masses to do the right thing in politics, the environment, and economically and he was spied on for years for absolutely nothing! Now that he has passed some of them are still trying to ruin him by claiming he raped them years ago, or like Cory is saying these things to get more sales for his book, or even by kooky Conrad Murray who thinks he can get his book published, or get a reality show, or by doing the Miley Cyrus bit by trying to get attention, by dressing as a gorilla and hanging from a tree on Halloween, all the while he want to get his license back, by claiming MJ would be appalled about how he is treated and how much he still love MJ. All of these people have agendas, but the bottom line is still the facts that MJ would never have done anything like this to his children, his mom and his fans!!

9 months 3 weeks ago
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rockin robin's picture

rockin robin

Corey your brain is fried.... I don't believe he would have deliberately put his children through that heartache....Michael loved his kids more than that!!! People need to keep their dumbass thoughts to themselves!!!!

9 months 3 weeks ago
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