Charlie Sheen - Charlie Sheen staged car crash

Charlie Sheen previously staged a car crash to pull out of 'The Tonight Show'.

The 'Anger Management' star repeatedly found reasons to bow out of his guest appearances on the talk show and even went as far as arranging a minor accident, from which he sent a photo to the studio as evidence.

Talking on the NBC programme on Wednesday (20.01.14), host Jay Leno asked Charlie:''What was the car one [excuse]?''

He replied: ''I just couldn't come man, I'm so sorry.''

Jay said: ''This is what I get... It was four o'clock, five o'clock. Not only could you not come but your limousine had come off the freeway.''

Charlie chimed: ''I told Dylan my driver to actually go into a skid ... so there would be tyre tracks on the road and then put the thing into the ditch and this is pre-texting so I think we sent you a photo somehow.''

The 48-year-old actor has pulled out of 'The Tonight Show' on multiple occasions, previously using the excuse of having his wisdom teeth removed more than once, much to the amusement of 63-year-old host.

Jay quipped: ''I remember you were having your wisdom teeth pulled at the same time.''

Charlie added: ''Yeah, in the car, I'm that good... There was always wisdom teeth problems.''

Jay laughed, and added: ''You had your wisdom teeth pulled four times - that was the funny part ... Everyone would go, 'That happened last time.' ''

Charlie replied: ''I had 16 wisdom teeth.''

The host admitted the former 'Two and a Half Men' actor was one of his ''favourite guests'' but also claimed he was one of ''the most-cancelled guest we've ever had'', calling last minute to drop out.


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