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'The World's End' Soundtrack Is A Glorious Tribute To The 1990s

Tags: Edgar Wright - Simon Pegg - Rosamund Pike - Nick Frost - Paddy Considine - Martin Freeman - Stone Roses - Pulp - Primal Scream - Blur - Happy Mondays - Beautiful South - St Etienne

The World's End - the third and final instalment of Edgar Wright's 'Cornetto' comedy trilogy starring Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Paddy Considine - hits cinemas nationwide on July 19, 2013. It centres around five friends who attempt a notorious pub crawl in their unassuming hometown - twelve pubs, twelve pints and the only the strongest will survive.

Of course, the mind of Edgar Wright doesn't work think along quite such straight lines and the boozy group unwittingly become humankind's only hope for survival.

Also starring British talent Rosamund Pike, Eddie Marsen and The Hobbit star Martin Freeman, The World's End promises a hugely enjoyable finale for the trilogy - also featuring Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz - though the soundtrack is worth checking out too.

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The Stone Roses: Made of Stone Review

Made by a fan for fans, this documentary explores the iconic English rock band through raw adoration rather than a detailed narrative. But Shane Meadows (This Is England) is a seriously gifted filmmaker, and his approach wins us over by focussing on the bandmates' personalities, their passion for the music and their fans' devotion to them.

Childhood friends Ian Brown and John Squire formed the Stone Roses in Manchester in 1984, then set about to show the world that they were the greatest rock band ever. It took five years and a number of rotating bandmates until the lineup settled down with Ian, John, Reni (Alan Wren) and Mani (Gary Mounfield), and their first album in 1989 was a landmark hit. It took them five more years to release their second album, and that period was marked with terrible battles both within the band and with their record label and management. The band dissolved shortly after Second Coming was released in 1994. Cut to 2011, when these four men reunited to announce their comeback, starting with a major concert in Manchester in June 2012.

Meadows has access to an astonishing array of archival material, including home movies and private photos, vintage TV interviews and performance footage. He pieces this together without narration, letting the bandmates recount their own story, so naturally they skip over the more uncomfortable elements, such as the seven other musicians who came and went over the years. And there are no details about the various fallings out between them. Instead, this collage astutely captures their lively personalities, the way they work and how they come together to play their most memorable songs.

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Picture - Alan "Reni" Wren - Incorporating... United Kingdom, Sunday 1st July 2012

Alan "Reni" Wren - Incorporating never-seen-before material spanning the band's musical history, the personal experiences of many of those touched by the band and their music, and unparalleled access to the record-breaking sell-out concerts which took place in Summer 2012, this is the definitive record of the definitive band of the past 25 years. - United Kingdom - Sunday 1st July 2012

Picture - Gary Mounfield and Imelda Mounfield... Manchester United Kingdom, Thursday 30th May 2013

Gary Mounfield and Imelda Mounfield - The Stone Roses: Made of Stone - World Premiere - Arrivals - Manchester, United Kingdom - Thursday 30th May 2013

Fool's Gold: New Clip Of Stone Roses Spike Island Movie Revealed [Trailer]

Tags: Stone Roses - Shane Meadows

Don't believe that The Stone Roses and their perennially out of tune front man Ian Brown playing through a naff sound system somewhere near Warrington back in 1990 wasn't the near-mythological experience that it was for the 20,000 or so who made the trek to Spike Island? Well someone's gone and made a film based around that 'glorious' night just to really ram the point home. It was seminal. Honest. And they're going to tell you why through the eyes of a lad, played by an actor who used to be in Hollyoaks

Watch the trailer for Spike Island

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Coachella 2013 Organisers Insist Blur And Stone Roses Switch Was Always Planned

Tags: Stone Roses - Blur - Coachella

It seems that Stone Roses reunion fever hasn’t quite made it over the pond just yet. After a disappointingly small crowd showed up to watch the Madchester legends at the first weekend of Coachella, Blur have now switched billing places with them and will headline at the second weekend of this year’s festival. However, the festival’s promoter insists that the switch was always planned.

Paul Tollet, the president of the concert promoter Goldenvoice insists “When the [lineup] poster came out, when we announced the show, each weekend's poster was different." He told Rolling Stone magazine: "The first weekend said 'Stones Roses/Blur' and the second weekend said 'Blur/Stone Roses.' This was planned from day one. It was a dual bill and we'd flip-flop them… There's not a chance I could take a headliner and demote them." Watching the Stone Roses last weekend, The Guardian’s Tim Jonze reported “There was something strange about seeing this most iconic of bands shuffling through Fools Gold to a crowd one-fifth of the size of Tegan and Sara's next door.”

Meanwhile, back home in the UK, The Stone Roses’ reputation is still very much intact and with a trailer recently released for Shane Meadows’ documentary about the band, enthusiasm for teh band's continued existence shows no sign of abating.

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Shane Meadows Lets The Love Spread In The Stone Roses: Made Of Stone [Trailer]

Tags: Stone Roses - Shane Meadows

Shane Meadows has made no secret of his love for Stone Roses, in the making of his documentary The Stone Roses: Made Of Stone and his passion is spine-tinglingly evident, even in the short space of time that it takes to run through the trailer. When the Mancunian band announced their intentions to reform after 20 years, Meadows – the director of Dead Man’s Shoes and This Is England – was set to the task of documenting the experience.

Modern footage of the band is interspliced with archive videos, but anyone expecting to see tell-scenes of the band’s more dramatic moments may be surprised to discover that Meadows did not go in for filming their more private moments together. In an interview with Jon Snow, for Channel 4, he explains “Because of my love for the band - I've not held back from what everyone saw - but I didn't go backstage sticking mics in the way, I made all my crew turn their cameras and sound devices off and we all sat in the room. A bit like being respectful - if someone's having a bit of a fall out, I don't think it's my place - you know, I'm not making the Jeremy Kyle show… they realised that they could trust me. I wasn't there trying to make Martin Bashir's Michael Jackson expose, I was making it with genuine love and affection. It's warts and all, don't get me wrong, but at the same time I also understood that certain things are private."

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