Veteran singer Sting's children have taken up his favourite pastime of yoga, after realising their dad was in better shape than they were.

The 51-year-old star has four children with wife TRUDIE STYLER - who is also a massive yoga fan - and despite their initial dislike of the discipline, they have been converted after seeing how healthy their parents are.

He laughs, "Trudie does it, and the kids started off being very derogatory about us doing it, but they actually do it themselves now.

"We haven't told them to - they just figured out that the parents look better than they do!"

And Sting's kids have also picked up their father's musical bent.

He adds, "They can all play music, I hope they're all inspired by my tenacity.

"I practice everyday in the house. So they have the idea that's what you do."

29/09/2003 13:54