Sting wishes he could live as a "sex slave" in a world run by women.

The Police frontman would be happy if females were the dominant gender in society with him fulfilling their erotic fantasies.

The musician - who is married to film producer Trudie Styler and is famous for practising Tantric sex - said: "I'll say the standard misogynist thing, I don't like women drivers very much, but I prefer to live in a world run by women. I just take my hat off to a superior form. I'm very comfortable with the idea of women being superior in many different fields. The way they navigate the world is something I admire . All this striving for machismo power, it's f***ed up. We'd be better off if it was run as a family. I'd be happy being a sex slave in that kind of society and write the odd song."

Although he fantasises about being a sex slave for powerful women, Sting - real name Gordon Sumner - insists he is still very much "in love" with his wife, who he has been in a relationship with for almost 30 years and with whom he has four children with.

He explained: "We've been together 30 years and luckily we've evolved in a compatible way. We're both different to what we were. I want that to continue and pray every day that it does. She might get sick of me. If she sees more of me she gets sick of me. I don't (get sick of her). I love her. She's great."