Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks have announced plans for a massive world tour in 2013, as well as the possibility of new material. The band has also been tipped to headline the UK's iconic Glastonbury Festival, though it seems intrepid journalists have been eager to get the band's take on recent happenings in popular culture. 

During their interview with Nicks, US Weekly magazine quizzed the singer on the Twilight franchise and in particular the cheating scandal that rocked the celebrity world this summer. The musician - known to be a huge fan of the vampire films - suggested everyone should give Kristen Stewart a break. "I was her age once, and exactly what happened to her happened to me two or three times, and whoever it was that I was with forgave me all two or three times. The fact is that when you're young and you've been in a relationship for a long time and something comes along that is a little bit overwhelming and magical, and you're kind of in another situation with someone else ... Things happen." Despite numerous relationships, Stevie's only marriage was to Kim Anderson - the widower of her close friend Robin Anderson - though they were soon divorced.

Nicks released her seventh studio solo album In Your Dreams on May 3, 2011, to positive reviews. The record debuted at No.6 on the Billboard 200, giving the singer her fifth Top 10 album on the chart.