Steven Tyler's closet is "like a treasure trove".

The 'American Idol' judge is styled for the show by his girlfriend, Erin Brady, and says they have lots of fun going through his old wardrobe and recycling pieces as he never throws any of his old garments away.

He said: "Erin has been doing my styling this year. She knows everything that I love so we find stuff out of my closet, and we put pieces together that are so back in.

"Everything from my closet is from 30 years ago, so it's like a treasure trove. It's full of so much great stuff. Every time I go through it, it's like, 'No, wait, what's this?'"

Steven, 63, has also amassed a large collection of exotic fashion from his years of touring with Aerosmith.

He explained: "We did 33 tours since 1970. I designed most of the stage clothes. When you're out shopping in Paraguay, you're going to come home with some ostrich boots and a black-and-white checkered hat and some bolos they caught the ostrich with."

The rocker is famed for his love of scarves and is collaborating with designer Andrew Charles on a range, called Rock Scarf.

He told WWD: "A lot of the stuff we're doing with Andrew is ideas out of my closet, since I never threw anything away, and stuff that I wore on 'Idol'.

"It's just my favourite s**t to wear- zippered-up bell-bottoms, where inside the zipper I put a red handkerchief inside blue jeans. When you open the zippers, you see the handkerchiefs."