About two weeks ago Steven Tyler hung up his American Idol boots for good, becoming the fifth person to leave behind Randy Jackson and the rest of the judge's table.

Now, Steven has come on record to talk us through the reasons why he chose to leave, and what made him want to sit in the judge's chair in the first place. In an interview held with Rolling Stone earlier this week, he admitted that the principal reason why he signed up for the show in the first place was because tensions among band-mates were getting too hot to handle.

These tensions culminated in the very public spat the band had back in 2009, with Tyler joining Idol a year later. However, Tyler knew the separation wasn't for good, as he told the magazine "it was something to do while the storm blew by, to be honest."

The show never was his scene though, or as Tyler put it, "not my cup of tea," and his time on the show - for which he reported was paid $10 million a series - was always going to be limited, even if he did get to spend his time sitting next to Jennifer Lopez.

Now that the storm between his follow Aerosmith members looks to be all but over, Tyler is back in the studio full time putting the finishing touches to their fifteenth studio album, Music from Another Dimension!, which is due to be released in November through Columbia Records.