Steven Tyler, the Aerosmith frontman has revealed that the band’s attempts to make an album in 2008 collapsed because he and guitarist Joe Perry started taking drugs again.

Reflecting back on when he had fallen off stage under the influence of drugs, breaking his shoulder and forcing the band to cancel their worldwide tour in 2009, Tyler now regrets the breakdown of his band Aerosmith. Talking to Rolling Stone, he stated, ‘Joe couldn’t play when he was high. And I couldn’t sing, because I was snorting everything and it f***s up your throat.’ Even though Aerosmith have been compiling a new record in the past year, pressures within the band still remain, especially after Tyler’s controversial decision to join the judging panel on ‘American Idol’. But Tyler admits that being in the public eye helps keep him sober. He told People Magazine, ‘the last thing I want the world to see is me slurring my words. I don't ever want to be a bad example again.’

Steven currently makes his 12-step meetings part of his schedule, along with the weekly ‘American Idol’ tapings. Aerosmith are set to release their Greatest Hits, ‘Tough Love: Best Of The Ballads’, later this month.