Rocker Steven Tyler has opened up about his Christmas morning (25Dec11) proposal, revealing he hid fiancee Erin Brady's ring in a gift she gave him under the tree during a vacation in Hawaii.
The Aerosmith star, who is currently experiencing a career resurgence as an American Idol judge, asked celebrity jeweller Loree Rodkin to design a one-of-a-kind sparkler for his third wife-to-be - and he presented it to her during a magical moment over the holidays.
He tells news show Entertainment Tonight, "It was Christmas morning and her father was there, down from Alaska, and I hid it in a box... she had given me, full of all these little things.
"I slipped it in there the night before, so when I got to bottom I said, 'What's this?'
"It was the perfect time, a perfect moment... I did this for myself too; it grounded me a little bit. You tend to get a little lofty being on tour and doing (American) Idol."