Steven Tyler blames food poisoning for his accident in the shower earlier this week.

The 63-year-old rocker was forced to cancel a show in Paraguay on Tuesday (25.10.11) after sustaining injuries to his face, which he says occurred when he "passed out" as a result of the nausea he was suffering.

He told 'Today': "I started to get sick, and I just fell on my face. I just passed out." 

The 'Crazy' hitmaker has previously battled alcohol and drug addictions and can understand why people may have assumed his fall was due to overindulgence.

He said: "I get that people think that. It still bothers me a little, but it's something that I have to have to deal with for the rest of my life." 

Steven was thrilled by the medical treatment he received, which meant he could return to the stage last night (26.10.11).

He said: "It was like one-stop shopping. They stitched up my eye. They did a little plastic surgery. And they fixed my tooth. All in one fell swoop.

"Short of having my leg taken off, people are going to expect me to take the stage."

After last's night show at the Jockey Club in Asuncion, the 'American Idol' star's bandmates admitted they were thrilled by his performance.

Guitarist Joe Perry tweeted: "Steven even played harp with his busted lip my mind was blown. He put on one of his best shows ever. Aerosmith rocks on.'

"Gotta hand it to Steven for playing the show tonight considering how sick was from food poisoning the night before. He's amazing."