American Idol judge and Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has revealed to reporters that he knew he wanted to marry Erin Brady when she tied him up using her headband. Tyler was a guest on the Elen Degeneres show and according to a story he told the host that he first met her when she worked for the music management and promotions company Clear Channel.
He then goes on to explain: "One night, she had this hair band on around her head. She looked really old-fashioned. So I took her back in the room, and she tied me up with it and I thought, 'I'm marrying this girl.' Exactly that way." Steven Tyler proposed to Erin over the Christmas period, though a date for the wedding is yet to be announced. In the interview, he went on to allude to the fact that Erin has helped him to stay clean of drink and drugs since they have been together. Speaking of his time under the influence, he said that it "lost me my kids, a marriage, a band - a lot of things - and it's for real. That's how dangerous that is. So I take [my two years of sobriety] seriously."
Tonight, the first episode of the eleventh series of American Idol will be aired in the US. Steven Tyler returns to the show as a judge, alongside Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson, with Ryan Seacrest returning as the show's host.