Steven Tyler's former lover Bebe Buell allegedly attacked legendary New York Dj Carol Miller upon learning the two were having an affair.
The radio personality began sleeping with the Aerosmith rocker in 1977, and she reveals things took a turn for the worse when model Buell caught wind of the relationship, just weeks after welcoming his child, Liv.
Miller details her fling with Tyler, as well as her subsequent altercation with Buell, in her new memoir Up All Night: My Life and Times in Rock Radio, and in an excerpt obtained by the New York Daily News, she writes, "It was clear something was troubling Steven. While I was with him, he would get repeated phone calls from a woman who said she'd just had his baby.
"I'd heard of Bebe Buell, a beautiful former Playboy model... A woman whose feminine wiles must be staggering and inspirational and certainly beyond me. So it was with complete surprise that I felt a sharp kick to my calves and a most painful slam to my ribs coming from behind.
"It was Bebe Buell attacking me as I entered the club Trax, having just come down the steep stairway with Steven Tyler. Stunned, but mainly embarrassed to be involved in some sort of brawl, I said something to Steven along the lines of, 'Hey, you can have her, I'm out of here!'
"My beating from Bebe didn't deter Steven from calling. As history tells it, years would pass before he realized Bebe's child was indeed his daughter and that he was the father of the now famous actress Liv Tyler."
Indeed the actress grew up believing rocker Todd Rundgren, Buell's partner of six years, was her father.