Jurassic Park was on TV over Christmas, and watching it again it definitely didn't look as though it was made in the early '90s. The early animatronic techonology was impressive,  and despite it looking dated now, it's surprising that it's a full twenty years old. Being reminded of how great the original is makes the announcement that a fourth Jurassic Park film is definitely going ahead, and set to be released next year. 

Hollywood.com says that Jurassic Park 3 in 3D will be in cinemas this April, as a precursor for the next movie. Plus, as Robopocalypse has been put on hold the website has speculated that this is the reason - will Jurassic Park 4 be a triumphant return with Spielberg? He's definitely on board to produce the new movie, but his direction would take it up a whole level.

We keep saying it and it keeps being true: 2013 is the year of the come back. Destiny's Child, David Bowie, Suede, Justin Timberlake, Star Wars... okay so that last one was late 2012, but still. Comebacks are rife! While it's all very exciting what is the root of this trend - are writers running out of original ideas? Perhaps... maybe Pixar is our last hope for originality. Having said this, originality seems overrated when you can have such amazing franchises return and expand. 2014 will be an exciting year for film, we can't wait.