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Steven Seagal (born 10.4.1952) Steven Seagal is an American actor and martial artist, best known for his work in films like 'Above the Law' and 'Under Siege'.

Net Worth: In 2013, Steven Seagal was said to have a net worth of 5 million USD by Celebrity Net Worth.

Childhood: Steven Seagal was born to Patricia and Samuel Seagal in Lansing, Michigan. The family moved to California when Steven was five years old. Seagal lied about his age in order to get a job as a dishwasher at a restaurant. While he was there, one of the chefs - a karate expert - noticed how quickly he moved around the kitchen and offered to teach him the basics of karate.

At the age of nineteen, Seagal moved to Japan to study karate and he stayed there until he was twenty one. When he returned to California, Seagal set about opening a teaching at a dojo, before opening a new dojo with the help of a student. Later, Seagal and another student opened a second dojo.

Career: In 1987, Steven Seagal made his debut performance in Above the Law. He had originally performed a karate demonstration for some Warner Brothers executives and been offered several scripts in return. Seagal then wrote the script for what would be Above the Law. Following the success of Above the Law, Seagal made Hard to Kill, Marked for Death and Out of Justice. All three became massive hits and propelled Seagal to Action Hero status. In 1994, Seagal directed his first and only film, On Deadly Ground, which was panned by critics.

In 1997, Seagal starred in his final film in his multi-film contract for Warner Brothers - Fire Down Below. Following this, Seagal only appeared in straight to video releases. In 2010, Seagal made his first film appearance in close to a decade in Machete, in which he also played a villain for the first time in his career.

Personal Life: In 2009, Seagal married his fourth wife. He has seven children. Seagal has a band, Thunderbox, which has released two albums; Songs From the Crystal Cave in 2005, and Mojo Priest in 2006. Seagal is also a Reserve Deputy Chief in Louisiana.

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Absolution Trailer

An aging contract killer is about to experience the most dangerous emotion - regret. John Alexander (Steven Seagal) has been killing people in exchange for money for almost as long as he can remember. Finally, with his own age and mortality facing him, John realises that the time has come to do something good with his life, and redeem himself in some small way. Accidentally running into a young woman on the run, John lends a hand to help her escape her pursuers. Little does he know, the woman was a slave to a terrifying mob boss (Vinnie Jones), who is ready to wage an all-out war against John, in order to get the woman back. That, however, is something John will not allow. 

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Gutshot - Clip

Jack is a gambler whose habits have increasingly got more and more out of control. Now finding his way into the criminal underworld of the city, he unwittingly winds up getting into a deadly wager with an unforgiving player, who drags him into the centre of a vicious murder conspiracy. It's all he can do to protect the lives of his wife and child by getting to the bottom of what's really going on, but in doing so he thrusts himself in the centre of the danger, with a vengeful plot now aimed at him. With the odds finally stacked against him, he finds help in the form of Paulie Trunks; a loan shark known for his brutal methods and high debt collection record. He might have the best of the best on his side, but after being jumped in his own apartment by a group of violent thugs and robbed of all the money he has, thinks are not looking in his favour.

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Steven Segal Plays To Pro-Russian Separatists in Crimea. Really.

Steven Seagal

The Hollywood star Steven Seagal played a weekend concert for pro-Russian separatists in the Crimean peninsula over the weekend. Adorned with a flag supporting the seperarists, Segal and his blues band played at a bikers' show held in the city of Sevastopol, home to Putin's Black Sea fleet. 

Steven SeagalSteven Seagal performing in London in 2007 [Getty/Samir Hussein]

The action star had come under in March after supporting Russia's annexation of the peninsula from Ukraine and he was bumped from the line-up of an Estonian blues festival this summer.

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Force Of Execution Trailer

To the outside world not much is known of Alexander Coates AKA Mr. Alexander, however for those who truly know him and his business they know he's the don of a large criminal empire; a notorious kingpin in the underworld of crime. 

With age comes change and Alexander is ready for an altogether quieter and straighter life but retirement in criminal cartels is never easy, especially when your nemesis wishes to eliminate any potential threat you might hold over his rise to the top. Ice Man is a criminal with ruthless intention, and very little fear; a problem for all concerned. Mr. Alexander and his loyal employees' come face to face for an all-out action shootout with Ice Man and his army. 

The direct to video movie has a renowned action cast of Steven Seagal, Danny Trejo, Bren Foster and Ving Rhames. The film contains everything that fans of the genre should expect in the ways of guns, explosions and all out violence; and some very slick Martial Arts in the way of Seagal and Foster. Force Of Execution looks set to bring another dose of Seagal flavoured action in 2014.

From Action Star To Governor - Steven Seagal Might Run For Office Next

Steven Seagal

On-screen action man Steven Seagal might be considering the well-trodden transition from film to political office. Specifically, Seagal might run for the office of Arizona government, according to a recent interview with KNXV-TV. He mentioned the possibility in passing, while discussing his latest reality project, ‘‘Steven Seagal — Lawman: Maricopa County.’’ The series sees Seagal team up with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. It was shot in Arizona and airs on cable TV’s Reelz Channel.

Steven Seagal, MMA Awards
So far Seagal is just considering the possibility.

Apparently Seagal has had discussions with Arpaio about the prospective bid, but he also has other priorities to keep in mind. In a rather conservative leaning comment, Seagal pointed out that in his opinion, the number one problem facing the US at the moment is its open borders. He also came to the defense of Sheriff Arpaio, as well as discussed the prospect of extending amnesty to undocumented immigrants living in the U.S.

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Steven Seagal Considering Bid To Run For Arizona Governor

Steven Seagal

He may be 'Above the Law,' but that doesn't mean Steven Seagal isn't considering a career in politics. After admitting that his political ambitions were "kind of a joke" at first, the Under Siege actor has reconsidered his future career and said that he would "remotely consider" running for office in the near-future.

Steven Seagal
Coming to a polling station near you (if you live in Arizona)?

Best known for his on-screen ass whoppings, Seagal has ventured outside of the movies to realise his ambitions in the past, most notably when he became reserve deputy sheriff of Maricopa County. Some of his time working for the law was chronicled in the reality series Steven Seagal: Lawman and it was during the filming of the series that Seagal claims he first began flirting with the idea of moving into politics. Speaking with a local reporter for KNXV-TV, Seagal discussed his recent musings over a potential career shift, admitting that he could very well enter the running to become the next Governor of Arizona.

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Kelly Lebrock Charged For Drunk Driving

Kelly LeBrock Steven Seagal

After being arrested last year in November, 2013, actress Kelly LeBrock has officially been charged with DUI, or 'Driving Under the Influence'. The actress, known for her appearance in 'Weird Science', is 53-years-old and was taken into custody on 30th November, 2013, by a California Highway Patrol officer after she was seen speeding, swerving, and missing stop signs near Santa Barbara.

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Tmz,com stated that Lebrock, the ex-wife of Steven Seagal, was given a breathalyser test and turned up being twice over the legal limit of 0.08. She has now received a DUI charge, as well as the possibility of up to six months in jail and a possible 1,000 USD fine.

Steven Seagal Becomes America's Newest Unlikely Diplomat, Striking A Chord With Officials In Russia

Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal was visiting Russia last week, not for a holiday or for a film shoot, but to work with United States delegates who were visiting the country to investigate further April's Boston marathon bombing. The action star has built up friendships with a number of high-ranking Russian officials and used his connections to help out his own country as they further investigate bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

Tsarnaev had spend six months visiting the South Russian province of Dagestan last year, and Seagal had set up the meeting between US and Russian officials to check if there was any kind of intelligence failure in the lead-up to the bombing and to potentially find any new information about the suspect. Although the move was altogether a failure, offering no new insight into the attack or any of the suspects, visiting delegate Rep. Dana Rohrabacher said the help of Seagal made the whole thing possible in the first place.

Rohrabacher admitted to the press upon their return that he and Seagal had known each other for some time and had regularly talked about "thwarting radical Islamic terrorism," with the politician adding that Seagal's influence had been vital in setting up certain meetings, including the meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Rogozin. He said, "I don't know if he would have been available to us without Steven actually suggesting that he do that. We are very pleased that he opened up some doors for us so we could have some very high level discussions."

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Picture - Steven Seagal , Friday 11th January 2013

Steven Seagal 2013 Fighters Only World Mixed Martial Arts Awards held at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Featuring: Steven Seagal Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States When: 11 Jan 2013

Steven Seagal

Picture - Steven Seagal Toronto, Canada, Wednesday 12th October 2011

Steven Seagal Wednesday 12th October 2011 'Teenage Paparazzo' post-screening gala at Live Nightclub in Toronto. Toronto, Canada

Steven Seagal
Steven Seagal
Steven Seagal
Steven Seagal
Steven Seagal

Machete Trailer

Machete is a ex-Federale whose legend is known throughout Mexico. He's an expert killer but he's left that life behind. Now living in Texas Machete starts looking for work as a day labourer, when a businessman named Michael Benz approaches Machete with a proposition of assassinating a corrupt Senator, he knew he should refuse the offer but Benz's argument for the death of the senator was very strong, he convinces Machete that the senator is about to send hundreds of illegal immigrants out of the US and Machete accepts the offer. When the day of the assignation arrives, it suddenly becomes apparent that Machete has been double crossed. Injured by a gunshot he's taken to hospital to tend to his wound, just able to escape from the guards Machete looks toward old friends to help hunt down and take revenge on the people behind the double cross.

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Steven Seagal

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