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Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Trailer

Following their adventure in 1986, Nick (Craig Robinson) and Jacob (Clark Duke) are visiting their old friend, Lou (Rob Corddry) who has steadily become incredibly famous and wealthy for the creation of things like the internet. Someone, however, is displeased with this turn of events, and Lou is shot during a party and comes close to dying. Nick and Jacob realise that the only way to save him, is to take him back in time to before he was shot, and shot it from ever happening. They pile back into the hot tub time machine once again, getting stupidly drunk along the way, and are suddenly blasted through time. But when they wake up, they find out that they have not gone back in time as they first though, and have instead travelled ten years into the future.

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Los Angeles premiere of 'About Last Night' - Arrivals

Steve Pink - Los Angeles premiere of 'About Last Night' - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Tuesday 11th February 2014

About Last Night Trailer

Bernie is your average party guy who enjoys picking up ladies for one-night-stands. After meeting Joan, he’s tells his friend Danny all about his night of passion and, as he gets to know her, decides that Danny also needs some loving in his life – though he finds himself much more of an introvert around women. He introduces Danny to Joan’s roommate Debbie, but when things start getting serious, Bernie starts to get a little bit jealous as he struggles to get something deep and meaningful out of his own relationship. Given that both couples started their liaison in the same way, Bernie starts to wonder why he can’t commit, while Danny starts to worry that he’s committing too soon.


‘About Last Night’ is a rom-com that deals with how relationships develop between different people in the same circumstances.  Originally based on the 1974 play 'Sexual Perversity in Chicago' by David Mamet ('Hannibal', 'Ronin'), the screenplay has been adapted by Leslye Headland ('Bachelorette', 'Assistance') from another screenplay by Tim Kazurinsky ('Saturday Night Live') and Denise DeClue ('The Cherokee Kid'). Directed by BAFTA nominated Steve Pink ('Hot Tub Time Machine', 'Accepted'), it is set for UK release on March 21st 2014.

Knight and Day Review

This is a breezy, brainless action rom-coms like they used to make in the 1980s starring Mel Gibson as a crazy spy and Goldie Hawn and the ditsy but feisty woman he meets along the way. Yes, it's terrible, but it's also undemanding fun.

After June (Diaz) bumps into Roy (Cruise) in the airport, she finds herself in a mid-air shootout and a cornfield crash-landing. But she wakes up at home as if everything is fine. And so continues her adventure, as Roy turns out to be a possibly rogue federal agent trying to stay one step ahead of the spies chasing him (Davis and Sarsgaard) and keep June safe from the bad guys as they dart to the Azores and across Europe, where they meet a technology nerd (Dano) and a smirking arms dealer (Molla).

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Hot Tub Time Machine Trailer

When Adam and Nick discover their friend Lou almost killed himself (by accident, though they're not convinced) they decide to take him and Adam's nephew away for a break. Where better to take their old mate than Kodiak Valley Ski Resort a place where all three men have fond memories of their past.

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Picture - Crispin Glover, Steve Pink, Director,... Los Angeles, California, Wednesday 17th March 2010

Crispin Glover, Steve Pink, Director and Craig Robinson - Crispin Glover, Steve Pink, Director, Craig Robinson Los Angeles, California - MGM & United Artisits' 'Hot Tub Time Machine' after party, held at Cabana Club in Hollywood Wednesday 17th March 2010

Crispin Glover, Steve Pink, Director and Craig Robinson

Picture - Steve Pink and wife Hollywood, California, Saturday 17th November 2007

Steve Pink and Chicago - Steve Pink and wife Hollywood, California - Jeremy Piven Receives the Columbia College of Chicago 2007 Impact Award at the Montmartre Lounge Saturday 17th November 2007

Picture - Steve Pink and Jeremy Piven Hollywood, California, Saturday 17th November 2007

Steve Pink and Chicago - Steve Pink and Jeremy Piven Hollywood, California - Jeremy Piven Receives the Columbia College of Chicago 2007 Impact Award at the Montmartre Lounge Saturday 17th November 2007

Steve Pink and Chicago

I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With Review

As the affably larcenous and willing-to-please foil to Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm, Jeff Garlin has it easier than just about anybody on the show, usually having to do little more than spread his arms and protest with a baffled "Whaaat?!" or "Come ahn!" to get a laugh. David panics, Garlin gripes; it's a good mix. What works well for a sidekick, of course, is usually night and day from what works for a lead. This issue crops up repeatedly in I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With, directed, written by, and starring Garlin, who ambles the streets of Chicago, bouncing from rejection to odd (but funny) scenario to rejection again with the same resigned air. The laughs come, but with hardly anybody able to get a rise out of this guy, they're more like quiet chuckles when they could be explosive.

I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With is a genial piece of work that is not much more than a sequence of barely-connected riffs. This should be perfectly fine for most people watching, as the majority of the riffs star good people who seem perfectly happy to hang out and improv some well-calibrated chaos with Garlin. He plays 39-year-old James, a Chicago comic who's still living with his mom and eking out an existence as an improv comic and occasional actor. With no girlfriend and having just lost out a part in a remake of Marty to Aaron Carter, James moons about the city in a lovelorn fashion and suffers through a series of low-level professional and romantic humiliations. These stages of plot exist not so much to illustrate James' dark night of the soul as to provide stages for the high-grade performers Garlin talked into coming out to play. Second City notables like Bonnie Hunt, Dan Castellaneta, and Tim Kazurinsky are given pride of place, and there are good turns from Richard Kind and Roger Bart -- though the cameo rotation gets excessive with one scene in particular that's obviously jammed in there just to give Amy Sedaris a reason to show up.

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High Fidelity Review

There's nothing more annoying than a music geek. You know, the kind of guy who hangs out in record stores reminiscing about Camper Van Beethoven, Stereolab, and the roots of Green Day.

As such, a movie full of music geeks may seem a little unbearable, and in a lot of ways, High Fidelity is. That it manages to often redeem itself is the biggest surprise in the movie, and not for the reasons you might think.

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Grosse Pointe Blank Review

John Cusack returns to film after a string of disappointments (City Hall, Money For Nothing) with... yet another disappointment! Grosse Pointe Blank is full of possibilities (a great hook, a sharp cast, and a wry cynicism that is shamefully lacking from film these days) but comes up short on all sides. As Martin Blank, Cusack had the chance to portray a hitman coming to terms with his own mortality on the eve of his high school reunion. And while he performs with characteristic charm and sly sarcasm, as do his compatriots (including Joan Cusack, Jeremy Piven, and the object of his affection Minnie Driver), it's the blown opportunities for hit-it-home funniness that really make the whole experience somewhat lackluster. Apart from that, Grosse Pointe Blank is really a poorly made movie on a technical level. Editing, cinematography, and continuity are all just plain bad, and together they give the impression of an amateurish rush job, despite the fact that the film is already dated (taking place in 1996). Let's hope Romy and Michele have more to offer next week....

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Chicago Cab Review

Nothing inspires more horror in me than the words "Based on the play..." and sure enough, Chicago Cab has that based-on-theatre feel to it. Day-in-the-life-of-a-cab-driver has been done before (never successfully, though), and this star-packed film does nothing to reverse that trend.

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