Steve Nash ex-wife. Los Angeles Lakers b-baller Steve Nash is apparently doing everything in his power to prevent his ex-wife from moving to California with their three children, something his wife says is down to the fact that he wants to continue not paying child support for their kids.

His former wife, Alejandra, has been planning on uprooting from Phoenix so that her children can be closer to their father, but Nash is apparently doing all in his power to prevent the move happening, resulting in the former lovers currently being locked in a court battle. The two have conflicting arguments over why the move should/shouldn't happen, and it doesn't look as though things will be resolved any time soon.

According to TMZ, Nash, who famously turned down a move to the New York Knicks in favour of the Lakers in order to remain close to his family, say that the reason he doesn't want his ex-wife and kids to move to Cali is because it might distract from his game, resulting in him being traded or possibly forced into early retirement. However Alejandra has called BS on his excuse, saying the real reason he doesn't want them to move is because he has managed to avoid paying child support since he moved states, something he wants to continue doing for as long as possible.

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Nash's ex-wife says that his words don't match his actions

Alejandra revealed in her court documents, which were obtained by TMZ, that if she joins Nash in California then he will be forced to finally pay child support, having managed to avoid paying her a single cent since his move West. She also says in the court documents that Nash has previously told her that he wants to be closer to the kids, with the distance proving a problem to him, however his actions have hardly reflected his words.

A court date has been set for next week (full details haven't yet been made available to press) and in the meantime Alejandra has had a restraining order slapped on her, preventing her from moving to California until the trial is over. We'll keep you posted on events as they unfold.

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Nash is expected to appear in court next week