Steve Nash ex-wife slams former husband. The former wife of Los Angeles Lakers star Steve Nash has revealed that her former hubby is banning her from moving to Los Angeles. The reason behind this; because the multi-millionaire doesn't want to child support for their three children.

According to TMZ , who have obtained court documents filed by Nash's ex, Alejandra, relating to the incident - the b-baller has tried numerous times to prevent his family from uprooting from Phoenix to LA, despite apparently choosing the Lakers over the New York Knicks in order to be closer to his children. Nash says that he doesn't want the family to move because it may result in him being traded or forced into retirement, however Alejandra is calling BS on his excuse.

Alejandra says that the actual reason Nash wants her and the kids to stay put in Phoenix is because the courts in California are more likely to force him into paying child support to his ex, a sum that could eventually reach a very high amount and something the Phoenix courts have failed to do so far. Alejandra says that so far Nash hasn't paid her a cent in child support, and he doesn't want to ruin what he has going for him. Alejandra is now taking Steve to court to demand payment and demand that he allow her and his family to move closer to him. She recalled Steve telling her that being so far from the kids is tough on him and that it would be better for everyone if they could spend more time together, however his actions have yet to match his words.

Until the trail begins - it is scheduled to start next week - a judge has issued a restraining order on Alejandra prohibiting her from moving to Cali until their the court hearing is over.

Steve Nash
Nash may not be the doting dad he makes himself out to be

Steve Nash
It might all come down to the money.