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Simon Pegg Loved His 'Massive Rifle' In Hitman Comedy 'Kill Me Three Times'

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Set to hit theaters this weekend, 'Kill Me Three Times' sees Simon Pegg in yet another violent parody, this time taking on the classic hitman-action drama. Pegg and director Kriv Stenders reveal the paradigms that make the genre so fun to lampoon.

Simon Pegg in 'Kill Me Three Times'
Simon Pegg enjoyed carrying his huge gun

He's mocked the zombie horror, the cop thriller, the sci-fi adventure, the romance drama and the period thriller, but now Pegg has taken on what looks to be one of his most fun roles yet, playing experienced assassin Charlie Wolfe in this complicated tale of betrayal, infidelity and revenge. And it seems Pegg and Stenders were on the same wavelength before filming even started. 

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Kill Me Three Times - Red Band Trailer

Charlie Wolfe (Simon Pegg) is a professional hit man. Living in Australia, he take the odd job here and there, killing people for money. One day, he is asked to find proof that a man's wife is cheating on him and, not knowing that it will change his life forever, he accepts. Wolfe finds the evidence he needs and receives his payment, but then accepts a job from the same client, who now wants him to kill the wife. The catch? She's just run away with the money that the client intends to pay him with. When Wolfe discovers that he's not the only person hunting for the money, things start to get weird, and Wolfe discovers that his job may not be as simple as he first thought.

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A Few Best Men Review

Anyone who has seen either film version of Craig's previous script Death at a Funeral will immediately recognise the approach: madcap chaos at a family rite of passage. For a late-night screening when you definitely don't want to engage your brain, this approach might just keep you laughing. But sober audiences looking for an enjoyable comedy should steer clear.

At the centre are a blandly likeable couple, British David (Samuel) and Aussie Mia (Brent), who decide to get married. On the day before the wedding, David heads from London to Sydney with his three idiot friends: prankster Tom (Marshall), creepy Graham (Bishop) and the deeply depressed Luke (Draxl). While David meets Mia's establishment parents (Newton-John and Biggins) and rebellious sister (Wilson), his groomsmen get entangled with a seedy drug dealer (Le Marquand). Will they be able to sort out the mess before the marriage ceremony?

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A Few Best Men Trailer

On David's return from his holiday, he announces to his friends Tom, Graham and Luke that he has met someone and is engaged to be married. They are shocked and not altogether happy about it but agree to give David a day to remember and together travel to Australia where the wedding is to take place. However, with bride-to-be Mia's coke-head mother, her father's transvestite sheep, a gimp mask, a dodgy drug dealer and a catastrophic stag-do, will David and Mia's wedding turn out to be a day they'd rather forget?

This hilarious Australian-British comedy is full of cringe-worthy moments and will most definitely attach a permanent smile to your face as Xavier Samuel ('Twilight: Eclipse'), Kris Marshall ('My Family', 'Love Actually'), Kevin Bishop ('The Kevin Bishop Show') and Tim Draxl ('Swimming Upstream') entertain you with all manner of disasters and misadventures.

The film is directed by Stephan Elliott ('Easy Virtue', 'The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert') and written by Dean Craig ('Death at a Funeral'). It is to be released on August 31st.

Starring: Xavier Samuel, Kris Marshall, Kevin Bishop, Tim Draxl, David Sullivan, Laura Brent, Olivia Newton-John, Rebel Wilson, Steve Le Marquand and Angela Bishop

Director: Stephan Elliott

The World Premiere Of WW1 Action Drama Movie 'Beneath Hill 60' Held At Event Cinemas.

Steve Le Marquand - Steve Le Marquand and partner Sydney, Australia - The world premiere of WW1 action drama movie 'Beneath Hill 60' held at Event Cinemas. Thursday 8th April 2010

Steve Le Marquand
Steve Le Marquand

Lost Things Review

I'd be tempted to say that figuring out the mystery and meaning of Lost Things is half the fun of the film, but it turns out it's actually no fun at all. The movie starts as a standard teens-on-the-beach horror/slasher affair, but abruptly turns into a twisting Lynchian movie that has characters dying, being revived, time running forward and back, and all semblance of story vanishing quickly. I'm sure director Martin Murphy had more in mind than giving us a massive brain cramp, but if you can figure it out (a guess: They're all dead and in purgatory?), be sure to let me know.
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