Steve Jobs may have passed away over a year ago, but his name is rarely off peoples lips still, with two biopics set to be released about the computer pioneer's life in the near future.

Alan Sorkin, the Oscar-winning screen writer behind The Social Network and The West Wing, has revealed the plot behind his own take on Jobs' life, giving word that he will be taking a rather unconventional approach to the portrayal of his life by filming it in only three scenes. In a video posted on The Daily Beast, Sorkin explains that the biopic will focus on Jobs just prior to the launch of a new product and will run in 'real-time' - meaning that each half hour on screen will replicate thirty minutes in real time. Although he was unspecific on which of the products he will be concentrating on, it is thought that they will be a MacIntosh computer, a product from his time with Next Computers and the iPod.

Whilst Sorkin's work on The Social Network was based on an unauthorised account of the life of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, this new biopic will be entirely original material. Sony Pictures bought the rights to Jobs' authorised biography last year following the death of the iconic Apple man, with Ashton Kutcher said to be portraying Jobs in their take on his life. Futher details on the Kutcher film have not been revealed, however it is expected to follow the more conventional biopic structure