We’re so excited about the upcoming Alan Partridge Movie: Alpha Papa, that we’ve actually compiled a list of our favourite bits in the trailer. The trailer, not the full film; the trailer. So without further ado, here they are (you can watch the trailer first).

“Love that noise”

It’s classic Alan Partridge (we’ll be using that phrase a lot) to love the sound of his car locking. It’s also vintage Alan (forgive us for trying to mix it up) to lock his car without even looking at it. In his head, he looks like James Bond. In reality, he looks like an idiot. But a self-aware Partridge wouldn’t be funny.

Alan’s police talk

The last time we can remember Alan having an extended chat with the police was when he tried to steal a traffic cone. Oh how times have changed; now he’s the one giving pep talks – or at least he thinks he is. “Guys, none of us choose the hand we’re dealt,” he announces, before really being pushed for an answer.

Steve Coogan Alan PartridgeCoogan filming Alpha Papa in Norwich

Off the cuff radio phone in topic

You get the impression that Alan is forced to think up some ‘really good radio’ in a high pressure situation as Colm Meany (played by Pat Farrel and yes, the bad guy in the film is called Meany) holds another radio staffer hostage. Alan’s response? “Have you ever met a genuinely clever bus driver?”

“Okay, he wants a helicopter” Alan doesn’t want to see the bad guy win, but he’s not the most experienced of negotiators. Using everything he’s learned – in films – Norfolk’s hero unwittingly suggests that Meany might want a helicopter, hypothetically of course. “Okay, he wants a helicopter.”

They’re our favourite bits, and that’s just from the trailer alone. We can’t wait to see what happens on August 16, 2013 when the film gets its full release. Take another look at the teaser trailer below:

Click for the Alpha Papa Teaser Trailer!

Steve Coogan Alan PartridgeWhat is that face - Coogan's Partridge