It's the moment Alan Partridge fans have all been waiting for; the North Norfolks Nights radio presenter is finally hitting the big screen and its producers Canal+ and BBC Films have revealed the first stills and trailer for the new film!

Alan Patridge

Patridge comes to the big screen this summer!

The trailer features Patridge sitting in the North Nofolks Nights studio with his sidekick Simon from the Mid Morning Matters webisodes. The pair are with some film execs talking about the potential title of the movie, and Alan of course has some real classics to come out with, including "Colossal Velocity" - a particular favourite of his. However, Simon suggests Alpha Papa, as its Alan Patridge's initials in radio phonography and also makes him sound like the 'Big Daddy'. 

Alan Patridge

Vintage Patridge face

It has to be said, at this stage it doesn't give away too much about the plot for the forthcoming film, with no one really sure what to expect from it. It is in good hands though with Patridge star Steve Coogan himself and Armando Iannucci re-forming their formidable writing partnership so the only question really is whether the pair have lost their touch when it comes to handling the character. As Mid Morning Matter proved on its return after a long break from the previous Partridge shows, they haven't put a foot wrong yet, so there's high hopes of them doing the feature length justice. 

Check out the full trailer below.