Go big or go home seems to be the motto for Norwich’s lights switch-on. Also Alan Partridge. Really, who wouldn’t want to look at the fictional funnyman’s face in lights every time they go out? Norwich residents certainly don’t seem to mind.

Steve Coogan, AFI Fest 2013
Congratulations to Steve Coogan for receiving what must be the biggest honor given to anyone in showbiz ever.

The massive display was stitched on in front of a crowd of hundreds, by BT Sport frontman Jake Humphrey last night (November 21). It was announced as “the biggest lights switch-on since the 3-day break” by Alan’s friend, Michael, aka Simon Greenhail.

He even read a, um, touching message from the DJ, which, according to The Guardian, read: "Dear people of Norwich, and to a lesser extent anyone here from Suffolk – welcome! I'm genuinely heartbroken not to be there with you, but it's quiz night at the Rose & Crown and I'm the designated driver. You're about to witness the biggest turning-on of lights since the end of the three-day week.”

Steve Coogan, Hollywood Foreign Press Association
The festive display is a sight to behold.

Aww, wasn’t that just heartwarming? But wait, there’s more. "The electricity used to power the illuminations is enough to run a trouser press for over 25 years, the message continued. “Instead, it's powering an LED effigy of my face and body, lighting up the Christmas night just as the archangel Gabriel did over 2,000 years ago. I hope you have a wonderful festive season. A-ha," the message continued. 

Partridge is, of course, something of a local icon, having grown up in and returned to Norwich at various points in his career. And just so the display could do his shining persona justice, the giant effigy also sings Roachford’s Cuddly Toy in a nod to the opening scene of Alpha Papa, in which Alan lip-syncs to the same song. We imagine that we’ll be fun for some poor inebriated soul, who happens to pass the display in the early hours of the morning.

This song. Just take a moment to imagine it.