Alan Partridge emerged proudly from a modest people-carrier in the centre of Norwich yesterday. He hadn’t any designs on a shopping spree at the local market, neither was he finding his way to the controversial scooped roofed swimming pool; no, he was greeting adoring fans at the premiere of his new film, Alpha Papa.

Alan Partridge Alpha Papa Premiere

"It's one that could spark a cultural renaissance that is as cultural as the Renaissance,” said Coogan’s comic creation of the film, according to the BBC. "This film is my love-letter to Norwich. I love Norwich." On his return to Norfolk, having traversed the U.K in search for a place to speak to the nation, he said: "It feels like sitting in a warm bath whilst having a cup of cocoa and peanut butter on toast whilst watching Air Crash Investigation on a TV - it feels good."

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On his travels, and on the difference between Norwich and the Big Smoke, Partridge said: "A lot of flat landscape, the Wash, reclaimed land - these are things that London doesn't have and will never have. My favourite location during filming was Cromer pier. I've been to Blackpool pier, Brighton pier, Southend pier but Cromer is quite simply the best pier."

Alan Partridge

Alpha Papa will hit U.K cinemas on August 7th having enjoyed its premiere in Norwich. The film’s bow was originally set for the capital, but a campaign employed by super-fans ensured Partridge’s first appearance on the big-screen debuted in the only city that truly matters to him.

The early impressions of the movie are good, with a solid 83% rating on Rotten Tomatoes from the first seven reviews. That’ll probably settle down to 80%, meaning Alan’s cinematic debut can be chalked down as a success.

Here's the Alpha Papa Trailer