Fans of Alan Partridge, who will be flocking to cinemas in their droves tomorrow night (Wed, Aug 7) in search of some laughs as Alpha Papa is released, can at least get a comedy shot tonight as the creator of the character, Steve Coogan is going on the One Show to promote the movie.

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Coogan’s been doing the rounds recently to put Alpha Papa out there, but in truth, he didn’t really have to. Fans of the franchise have been waiting for a movie for years now, and no amount of press coverage will sway their decision to see the film. Still, Coogan – who created Alan Partridge – has been doing the circuit.

His latest film sees the Norfolk-based radio DJ at the centre of a siege as a disgruntled colleague takes the station for himself, and he’ll only talk to Alan. "We couldn't just reproduce what we had on television. We had to keep Alan myopic, that is to say in his own little world," Coogan said of the film. "But make the events within it cinematic in some way." (The Telegraph)

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Most sitcoms translated to the big screen see the lead character(s) travel to a different location to either save the day or achieve greatness (see The Inbetweeners on their lads’ holiday) but Alan actually goes back to his hometown and seems to do both.

Early reviews have been positive for Alpha Papa; an overall rating of 92% on Rotten Tomatoes is a commendable score, but even with negative reviews, this film will be drawing crowds tomorrow. Fans of Coogan will be pleased to know that The Trip – which co-stars Rob Brydon – will be back soon, and the boys are eating their way through Italy.

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