The biggest day in Norwich’s history? Maybe. The biggest moment in film history? Definitely. Alpha Papa was unleashed on the Norfolk city today, and Alan Partridge himself was clad in an incredibly strange blue suit to celebrate the occasion. "This film is my love letter to Norwich" he told the adoring fans.

Check out the pictures from the Alpha Papa premiere.

Alan PartridgeAlan Partidge basks in the glory of his film premiere

The film sees Alan at the heart of a siege – he’s siege-face; Pat gets the sack and decides to take the radio station for himself and A.P is the only man for the job. Of course he is. Some hilarious clips have already been released, and this latest iteration of the Partridge story is set to be his finest moment yet.

Alan Partridge"A-HA!"

For a while, though, it seemed as though the glory would go to the capital, London, before a campaign to get the premiere in Norwich proved successful. Producers Studiocanal announced the event on Twitter, with a statement from Partridge.

Alan PartridgeAlan...

"You can imagine how hurt and litigious I felt when people said I was planning to debut my movie in London instead of Norwich, or that I'd allowed my head to be turned by the prospect of big city fame,” it read. “Any suggestions I've hastily cobbled together the lunchtime Norwich screening in response to a local Twitter campaign will be met with the full force of the law."

Alan PartridgeWe're not sure what this outfit is about

Digital Spy were the first to get their sixpence in, and if their review is anything to go by, we can’t wait to get our hands on an Orange Wednesday, a bag of Popcorn from round the corner and sneak in some shandy to watch this one. “It takes a while to get over the strangeness of seeing Partridge on the big screen, but once the siege stirs into motion Coogan excels as Alan haplessly channels Spy Who Loved Me-era Roger Moore,” they say.