It was a triumphant return to Norwich for Alan Partridge, the man who brought the city first class chat in a relaxed atmosphere. He stepped out of a moderate people carrier to be greeted by a thousand fans, at least, and had some excellent words for his faithful crew of work-dodgers.

Steve Coogan as Alan PartridgeLapping it up, this was a proud moment for Partridge

“This is my love letter to Norwich,” he told the crowd. “The people have spoken in the biggest petition since the clinic started handing out johnnies to 13-year-olds; £4m has gone on this film, which could have gone to a brand-new antenatal unit or Help for Heroes, but we spent it on this film,” he added, referencing the Twitter campaign that ensured a Norwich Premiere. (BBC)

Alan was very open to the media – after all he is one of them – and answered questions with his patented candour. "It feels like sitting in a warm bath whilst having a cup of cocoa and peanut butter on toast whilst watching Air Crash Investigation on a TV - it feels good," he said of his return, having travelled around the U.K.

Alan PartridgeAh-Ha!

According to the DJ, Norwich has "A lot of flat landscape, the Wash, reclaimed land - these are things that London doesn't have and will never have. My favourite location during filming was Cromer pier. I've been to Blackpool pier, Brighton pier, Southend pier but Cromer is quite simply the best pier." Alpha Papa is due for release in the U.K on August 7th.