In one of those vintage, coming of age over the holidays type stories, Liam James plays Duncan in The Way, Way Back, with Steve Carrell has his potential new step-dad and Toni Collette as his mum – an acting partnership that worked pretty well for Little Miss Sunshine you may recall.

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It’s no surprise that The Way, Way Back comes from the same studios, Deep River Productions, who produced Little Miss Sunshine, as it looks like it’s going to exude the same quirky feel-good charm. Duncan’s step-dad takes him to his beach house for the summer where the adults look like they’re indulging in some kind of grown up spring break. Duncan meanwhile is taken under the wing of Sam Rockwell’s character Owen. Owen works at a water park and acts as a mentor as Duncan looks to boost his confidence with the opposite sex.

It looks like standard fare to us, and seems pleasant enough, even disregarding Nat Faxon’s somewhat pervy looking Roddy, who uses his shift watching the water slide to check out girls in bikinis. The film got a pretty good reception when it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier in the year, though the general public still have a little while to wait for its full release – it’ll be coming out in the States in July.

Steve Carell
Steve Carell stars in The Way, Way Back with his Little Miss Sunshine co-star Toni Collette