Funnyman Steve Carell has no intention of handing over the Emmy Award he claimed on behalf of pal Ricky Gervais - because the Brit wasn't there to accept it. Gervais won his second Emmy earlier this year (07) when he was named Best Comedy Actor for his performance in Extras - but he was working in London and couldn't attend the glitzy affair in Los Angeles, so Carell accepted the honour. And the star of America's The Office - the show which Gervais created in Britain - plans to keep the prestigious award. Carell says, "My idea is, if you're going to win it, you have to show up. If you don't show up then the first person on stage gets it. "I think that should be a new Emmy rule and if he doesn't agree with that, then that's just too bad. Actually, I'm scratching his name off (the statue) at this point."