The much anticipated return of Boardwalk Empire took place last night (Sept. 16) with the first episode of the third season, ‘Resolution’. With so many questions left from the dramatic finale of Season 2, how many answers were attempted in this aptly titled season premiere? After a long, and frankly necessary recap of the events that predefine this episode, we’re treated to a classically brutal character introduction, with Gyp Rosetti suggesting he’ll be easily angered as the third season unfolds. His unceremonious pasting of a seemingly sweet old man not only sets the tone for his behaviour - raising the tension for every scene he’s present in - but also brings home the seriousness of the actions employed in last nights episode. Nucky (Steve Buscemi) means business, this much is exemplified with his own version of Gyp’s deceive then murder routine, and his frank appraisal of Margaret Schroeder’s recent behaviour. Expect sparks there. Manny Horvitz’s fledging working relationship with Nucky is over due to a shotgun to the face from Richard Harrow, who was avenging the death of his friend, and secret love, Angela Darmody. Harrow is angry, and was probably acting in the knowledge that Gillian (Gretchen Mol) now has an immovable stranglehold on the now-orphaned Tommy, who believes her to be his mother. Elsewhere, New Years Eve kicks off with a North African theme at the Thompson residence, but what party is complete without a shady meeting of gangsters in the cellar? This is where Nucky states his intentions to do business with Rothstein and Rothstein only, which of course angers Gyp – our temperamental Sicilian New-Yorker. Phew. Who else is flying off the handle? You guessed it: Al Capone. A few deaf jokes later and he’s in a flower shop ready to tear a rival gangster apart, and all before the New Years resolution deadline, which of course, was to be less violent. Anyway, ex-Agent Van Alden interrupts proceedings, saving Dean O'Banion's skin in the process: an act that he’ll be further rewarded for we’re sure. And that just about covers it. Just. Resolution was a fantastic episode for the new season of Boardwalk Empire. The catastrophic events of last season took some tying up, and whilst they’re not all neatly dealt with yet, last night’s premiere set a fantastic tone for what is set to be a great season. What’s more, we didn’t get a single glimpse of Chalky White or Eli Thompson, and with those two characters enduring a difficult second season, especially with Nucky, it’ll be fascinating to see where they end up. Mooted by many as the hangover of series 2, ‘Resolution’ now sets our sights on the hangover from the biggest night of 1922.