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Who Should Play Pennywise In Stephen King's 'It' Reboot?

Stephen King Jim Carrey Jared Leto

A re-boot for one of the scariest Stephen King films ever released, 'It', is finally coming next year with Andrés Muscietti named as director. However, there's no-one yet attached to the lead villain role of evil shape-shifting clown Pennywise. So who do you think should play him?

Will Poulter from 'The Revenant' was originally in talks for the part, but news has emerged that he has backed out. There's no word yet on whether or not Tim Curry will reprise the role, though it's definitely unlikely as much as we'd love to see him back. Let's look at the specs: Pennywise has his insane laugh, wide smile, gruff voice and is largely humorous. So who could rock those traits the best?

Jim CarreyJim Carrey has clowned around plenty of times before

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'Green Room' Tops Our List Of 2016's Most Exciting Horrors

Patrick Stewart Imogen Poots Stephen King Anton Yelchin Jj Abrams John Goodman Natalie Dormer Sarah Wayne Callies

This year is quite the year for horror. We've already seen a good handful of epic chillers and it's not stopping there. Stephen King's 'Cell' is the latest movie to be announced for release later this year, but here's a look at what we've seen so far and what's to come this summer. 

Green RoomMeet the band in exhilarating horror 'Green Room'

1. Green Room - Patrick Stewart as a ruthless psychopath determined to murder a punk band may seem an unlikely concept but that's what makes this nerve shredding horror (directed by Jeremy Saulnier of 'Blue Ruin') so grippingly intense. When a band shows up at neo-Nazi bar for a show, they unwittingly find themselves witnesses to a brutal murder - and now they're next on the hitlist. Alongside Patrick Stewart, the movie also stars Joe Cole from 'Peaky Blinders', '28 Weeks Later' actress Imogen Poots and 'Star Trek Into Darkness' star Anton Yelchin.

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Stephen King's 'It' Gets A Reboot For 2017

Stephen King

There's a lot of Stephen King to look forward to over the next few months; his horror tales consistently make good movies, so much so that sometimes you gotta make them again. Pennywise the evil clown is returning next year in a re-boot of 'It'.

Stephen KingStephen King's 'It' returns

Many might confess that the last Stephen King character they want to see again is Pennywise; once was enough for a lifetime of nightmares. Nonetheless, this 1990 Primetime Emmy winner is such a popular fear flick that it's being given a modern makeover - we just wonder how they're going to improve on the vision of terror that is that darned clown. It's probably a fact that nobody has booked a clown for their kid's birthday since 1990. Probably.

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The Witch And 9 More Epic Occult Horror Films

Stephen King Gemma Arterton Christopher Lee Sam Raimi Mia Farrow

The directorial feature debut of Robert Eggers has put the scariness back into witch culture with a critically-acclaimed slow-burning horror that even had Stephen King terrified. 'The Witch' doesn't rely on jumpy moments or grotesque imagery, merely unsettling scenery and a menacing film score. It's a precious release for the horror genre, because genuinely enjoyable (and scary) occult-based films are very few and far between.

We've racked our brains to think of ten of the best witch horrors of all time:

Anya Taylor Joy in The Witch'The Witch' is the horror film to beat this year

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The Hotel That Inspired 'The Shining' To Become World's First Horror Museum

The Shining Jack Nicholson Elijah Wood Simon Pegg Stephen King

The owners of the iconic Stanley Hotel in Colorado – better known as The Overlook Hotel in the classic horror novel 'The Shining' – are planning to open the world’s first horror-themed museum inside the building, according to a new report.

Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 classic movie, starring Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duval, based on Stephen King's book, was inspired by the vast hotel. Though the interior of the hotel you see in the movie itself was constructed in Elstree Studios in Britain, and the exterior shots are of the Timberline Lodge in Oregon, the Stanley Hotel in Colorado was the inspiration that King used for his 1977 novel.

Stephen KingStephen King's novel was inspired by a stay at the Stanley Hotel

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Stephen King - Celebrities arrive at 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' at Ed Sullivan Theater, The Late Show - New York, New York, United States - Friday 11th September 2015

Stephen King
Stephen King
Stephen King

Stephen King's 'It' Remake In Tatters As Fukunaga Bails

Stephen King

The True Detective director Cary Fukunaga has left the remake of Stephen King's It after clashing with New Line over his artistic vision. According to The Wrap, the project had suffered early budget cuts and things came to a head over Memorial Day weekend, leading to Fukunaga's abrupt exit.

Cary FukunagaCary Fukunaga has left the It remake over a dispute with New Line

It was set to be split into two movies with New Line originally budgeting $30 million for the first movie. Shooting locations were another issue for Fukunaga, who had expressed a strong desire to film in New York, which is more expensive than other locations. Another source claimed New Line had also balked over the stellar opening of Poltergeist, which feature a clown in its marketing.

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Del Toro Unveils New Trailer For His Gothic Chiller 'Crimson Peak' [Trailer + Pictures]

Guillermo Del Toro Tom Hiddleston Mia Wasikowska Charlie Hunnam Jessica Chastain Stephen King

Back in February, horror fans were given a first glimpse of Guillermo Del Toro's Crimson Peak, and now the acclaimed Mexican director has unveiled the full-length trailer of a film that is sure to top many people's must-see lists this Halloween.

Mia Wasikowska in Crimson PeakDon't be afraid of the dark... Mia Wasikowska in Crimson Peak

Set in a spooky mansion in Victorian England, Crimson Peak tells the story of a young author, played by Mia Wasikowska, who discovers her charming new husband (Thor's Tom Hiddleston) is not quite who he appears to be.

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Stephen King's 'The Dark Tower' Series Finally Getting Big Screen Adaptation

Stephen King Sony Russell Crowe Javier Bardem

Fans of Stephen King can rejoice, as the famed author’s magical series The Dark Tower is finally coming to the big screen. Deadline reports that Sony will be distributing the series of movies, while a complementary TV series is also being developed by MRC.

Stephen KingThe author has been patient with plans to bring his series to the big screen.

The series is set in a magical world and centers around Roland Deschain, the last living member of a knightly order known as the 'gunslingers'. The work has been described by the author as his magnum opus and has been called King’s answer to Tolkien’s Middle Earth novels.

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Alexandre Aja's Horns Sends Daniel Radcliffe In A New Direction

Daniel Radcliffe Alexandre Aja Juno Temple Stephen King

As Daniel Radcliffe continues to experiment with movie genres, he has frequently mentioned that he is happiest about his role in the new thriller 'Horns', directed by maverick filmmaker Alexandre Aja. The 36-year-old writer-director has been playing with the horror genre since his 1999 feature debut 'Furia', a post-apocalyptic romp starring a little-known Marion Cotillard.

Daniel Radcliffe and Juno Temple in Horns
Daniel Radcliffe and Juno Temple are star-crossed lovers in 'Horns'

After the vicious 'High Tension' (2003) and a pair of remakes ('The Hills Have Eyes' and 'Mirrors'), Aja took a sharp left turn into comedy with the hit 'Piranha 3D'. And now he's combined humour with terror for 'Horns', in which Daniel Radcliffe plays a hapless guy who is suspected of killing his girlfriend (Juno Temple), but discovers that the horns growing out of his head might help him find the real murderer. 

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A Good Marriage Review

Very Good

Slick and haunting, this film delves into the things that hold a marriage together in a way only Stephen King would even begin to attempt. It's an involving, clever idea, never quite as deep as it seems to be, but elevated by sharply honest performances by the terrific Joan Allen and Anthony LaPaglia, with an additional bit of spice from Stephen Lang, playing far against type. Although in the end, it's hard to escape the fact that this is actually just a simplistic, nasty little thriller.

It centres on Darcy and Don (Allen and LaPaglia), a blissfully happy middle-aged couple with grown children (Kristen Connolly and Theo Stockman) who are on the verge of starting families of their own. Then Darcy makes a discovery in the garage that links Don to a series of serial murders terrorising New England. When Don realises that she knows, he says he'll stop the killing if she lets their life go back to normal. But how can it, when she's having terrified fever dreams every night? She can just about hold it together for their kids, but she keeps seeing opportunities to take matters into her own hands. Meanwhile, a shady figure (Lang) seems to be following them.

Yes, King's screenplay is less interested in carrying on with a probing, blackly witty exploration of the stresses of long-term relationships than in making viewers squirm in their seats. And the film certainly does this thanks to another remarkably offhanded performance from Allen. While she sometimes seems a bit panicky and arch, there's real edge to her screen presence. And LaPaglia is superb as the likeable killer who should probably be stopped but is nice to have around the house. Intriguingly, the film doesn't end when we think it will, as the characters have a bit further to go on this grisly little journey.

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Stephen King - Celebrities outside the Ed Sullivan Theater for 'The Late Show With David Letterman' - New York, NY, United States - Wednesday 5th June 2013

Stephen King
Stephen King
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