Stephen Fry may return to host the BAFTA Awards.

The 52-year-old presenter, who quit hosting the prestigious awards ceremony in 2006, is being wooed back by producers to replace Jonathan Ross as they are keen to give the show the "perfect image".

A source said: "The Feeling is that Stephen was the ideal host and had the perfect image for such an historic event.

"While there's no doubting Jonathan's ability as a presenter, it's felt he's never fitted in as comfortably and BAFTA audiences often don't seem to have warmed to his sense of humour.

"The hope is that Stephen can be persuaded to come back next year. The awards really aren't the same without him."

Jonathan Ross has presented the awards since Stephen left four years ago, but this year he was widely panned by critics for his poorly-timed gags and ill-judged jokes.

A replacement needs to be found for the 2011 show as this year is Jonathan's last in contract with the BBC, which broadcasts the ceremony.

As well as a successful presenting career fronting programmes such as 'Q.I' and 'Stephen Fry in America', he is also a renowned actor, playing Inspector Thompson in 'Gosford Park' and Oscar Wilde in 1997 biopic 'Wilde'.