Ben and Jerry's have thrown their support behind gay marriage by renaming their bestselling flavoured ice cream. The iconic ice cream makers have teamed up with the gay rights charity Stonewall to campaign for marriage equality in Britain, reports the Huffington Post.

The brand has renamed their Oh! My! Apple Pie! Flavour, "Apple-y ever after" in support of plans to legalise gay marriage - which the government will consult upon next week. Stonewall's deputy CEO Laura Doughty said they were "moved" by the support for gay marriage, saying, "All people want is to call their long-term relationship by the same name as everyone else. Our strong advice to those who disapprove of same-sex marriage is just not to get married to some-one of the same sex". The campaign is similar to one in which Ben & Jerry's ran in the United States, when they renamed 'Chubby Hubby', 'Hubby Hubby' in order to celebrate gay marriage being legalized in Vermont. The UK campaign has already found some celebrity backers, with gay television star, actor and writer Stephen Fry linking to a shot of the new tub on his official blog. The new packaging for the ice-cream features two grooms sitting atop a large wedding cake.

In recent days, former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair came out in favour of gay marriage, saying he "strongly supports" the plans.