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The Most Undiscovered Movies On Netflix

By George Percival | 14th May 2014

Most films on the lower rungs of Netflix occupy that position for a single reason: they’re downright terrible. The acting is at best laughable and at worst cringe-worthy, whilst the script seems to be the...

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Stephen Dorff Still Smoking Despite Emphysema Diagnosis

7th November 2013

Stephen Dorff is still trying to kick his smoking habit despite receiving an emphysema diagnosis.The Blade actor, who stars in advertisements for electronic cigarette company Blu-Cigs, was recently diagnosed with the potentially deadly lung disease,...

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Stephen Dorff 'Caught Urinating In Public'

25th January 2013

Actor Stephen Dorff is at the centre of a public peeing scandal after snaps of the star seemingly urinating in a Los Angeles street leaked online.The Blade star was allegedly caught on camera relieving himself...

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Fascinating Fact: 3417402

13th December 2012

Actor Stephen Dorff has reportedly landed a deal as the face of Emporio Armani's new male fragrance. The ad campaign will debut in early 2013, according to the New York Post's Page Six column.

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Stephen Dorff's Armani Deal

13th December 2012

Stephen Dorff is set to become the face of Emporio Armani's new male fragrance. The handsome actor will appear in the 2013 campaign for the brand's new scent for men, according to the New York...

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Demi Moore Still Knows How To Party Like It's 19...89?

By Jack de Aguilar | 7th December 2012

Demi Moore is saying to all those women who've reached half a century on this earth: go out and have a good time while you still can. And all you naysayers out there who say...

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Stephen Dorff Fronts Electronic Cigarettes Ads

18th October 2012

Actor Stephen Dorff is fronting a new ad campaign to help smokers kick the habit with a new line of electronic cigarettes.The Backbeat and Blade star used the blu eCigs to help him when he...

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Stephen Dorff Planning Music Career

27th February 2012

Backbeat star Stephen Dorff has plans to get musical again - he wants to write his own songs for a movie soundtrack.The actor, who portrayed Stuart Sutcliffe in the early Beatles biopic, is keen to...

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Stephen Dorff Taking Hebrew Lessons For New Movie

17th February 2012

Movie star Stephen Dorff is taking a crash course in Hebrew for a new film he is shooting in Israel.The Backbeat star, whose father is Jewish, is set to spend much of the spring in...

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Stephen Dorff Fought Claustrophobia For Locked-in-a-box Movie

14th February 2012

Actor Stephen Dorff used his claustrophobia to heighten tense scenes in new thriller Brake because he really was locked in a plexi-glass box in the trunk of a car.The Blade star played down his fear...

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Stephen Dorff Scarred After Disneyland Trip Discovery

12th November 2011

Actor Stephen Dorff was emotionally scarred during a childhood trip to Disneyland after accidentally stumbling upon the theme park's secret character closet.The Blade star visited the attraction in California with his dad when he was...

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Kellan Lutz: 'Twilight Set Is Hard'

11th November 2011

Kellan Lutz claims the 'Twilight Saga' movies were not a "well-oiled machine".The actor - who plays Emmett Cullen in the vampire series - admits he feels "blessed" to have taken part in the franchise, but...

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Emma Watson Named Elle's Style Icon

15th February 2011

Emma Watson was named Style Icon at last night's (14.02.11) Elle Style Awards.The 'Harry Potter' actress looked stunning in her short Hakaan mini-dress with daring cutaway sides at the star-studded bash at London's Great Connaught...

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Stephen Dorff Wants To Settle Down

31st December 2010

Stephen Dorff wants to settle down and have children.The 'Somewhere' actor has curbed his partying ways and, now that he is 37, is ready to find a girlfriend and start a family.He said: "I would...

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Stephen Dorff Clueless About Immortals Appearance

29th December 2010

Stephen Dorff has no idea what his latest movie will look like.The 'Somewhere' star can next be seen starring alongside Mickey Rourke, Kellan Lutz and Freida Pinto in 'Immortals' and because of the extensive special...

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Stephen Dorff Puzzled By Immortals

28th December 2010

Stephen Dorff could have "horns" and "wings" in his new movie 'Immortals'.The 37-year-old actor stars alongside Freida Pinto, Mickey Rourke and Kellan Lutz in the fantasy-action movie, which is being shot in 3-D and he...

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Dorff: 'Mum Would Have Liked Somewhere'

28th December 2010

STEPHEN DORFF is convinced his late mother is smiling down on his new movie SOMEWHERE - because she always wanted the BACKBEAT star to play a moody, vulnerable character on the big screen.Dorff's mother was...

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Stephen Dorff Wants Blade Prequel

24th December 2010

Stephen Dorff is keen to reprise his role in a 'Blade' prequel.The actor played villain Deacon Frost in the original vampire action movie, which was released in 1999, and admits he and the film's director...

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The Things They Say 19560

20th December 2010

"Growing up, I was this rambunctious psycho boy, so she was always worried. I remember shooting in London and getting a FedEx (delivery) from her. I thought it was my favourite American snacks, and I...

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Stephen Dorff Happy To Have Been 'Rediscovered'

12th December 2010

Stephen Dorff loves being "cool again".The actor has seen interest in career take off again following his role as lonely rockstar Johnny Marco in Sofia Coppola's new film 'Somewhere' but is upset his mother is...

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Opinionated Director Sofia Coppola

10th December 2010

Sofia Coppola is an opinionated director. The 'Lost in Translation' director - whose father is legendary filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola - said although she doesn't believe in shouting at her actors, she is quite outspoken...

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Sofia Coppola Doesn't Need Help From Dad Francis Ford Coppola

4th December 2010

Sofia Coppola no longer consults her father for advice.The filmmaker only showed her director dad Francis Ford Coppola her latest movie 'Somewhere' when it was complete, a contrast to her earlier films when she regularly...

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Dorff Planning Comedy Project With Nicholson

30th November 2010

STEPHEN DORFF is planning to star alongside his pal JACK NICHOLSON in a new comedy film, which he is writing himself.The actor tests his comic skills by playing a porn star in new movie Born...

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Dorff Desperate To Work With Coppola Again

29th November 2010

STEPHEN DORFF is desperate to work with director SOFIA COPPOLA again, because she handed him "the best role" in Hollywood "in the last five years" by casting him in SOMEWHERE.The Blade star plays a bad-boy...

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Stephen Dorff Plans Jack Nicholson Comedy

29th November 2010

Stephen Dorff is lining up a comedy with Jack Nicholson. The 'Somewhere' actor is working with Adam Sandler on the as-yet-untitled movie which is set in the South of France. He said: "I have a...

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Stephen Dorff Loved Sofia Coppola's Direction

27th November 2010

Stephen Dorff thinks working with Sofia Coppola was the "kiss of death". The 37-year-old actor - who stars in new movie 'Somewhere' - found the process of working with the Oscar-nominated director on the film...

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Dorff Fond Of Co-star Fanning

24th November 2010

STEPHEN DORFF grew so fond of ELLE FANNING on the set of their new movie SOMEWHERE, he collected the child star from school and even attended one of her volleyball games.The pair teamed up to...

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Freida Pinto Enjoyed 'Objectified' Men On Movie Set

22nd November 2010

Freida Pinto loved watching men wearing short skirts on the set of 'Immortals'. The Indian actress enjoyed seeing a gender reversal with all the "eye candy" on the set of the movie- where she got...

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Dorff's Movie Nod To Late Mother

3rd November 2010

STEPHEN DORFF's role in SOFIA COPPOLA's new movie SOMEWHERE will always remind the actor of his late mother - because she dreamed he'd land a role as a sensitive dad.Dorff was left devastated when his...

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Dorff's Tears At Somewhere Screening

3rd November 2010

STEPHEN DORFF was so overcome with emotion during the screening of his movie SOMEWHERE at the Venice Film Festival earlier this year (10), he broke down in tears.The Blade star plays a bad-boy actor whose...

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