Fashion designer Stella Mccartney has ripped down her rooftop shower - days before a deadline set by planning officials.

The shower was surrounded by a 7ft-high wooden fence on the roof of her ($3.3million) GBP2 million home in Notting Hill, west London.

But neighbours protested that the erection wasn't in keeping with surrounding properties.

Stella - the daughter of Beatles legend SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY - appealed to the GOVERNMENT PLANNING INSPECTORATE but it also ordered her to dismantle the shower.

Now Stella has torn it down ahead of the deadline this Tuesday (10JUN03).

A neighbour says, "Some celebs think they can do what they like. But this is Notting Hill not Beverly Hills. God knows why she wants an open-air shower anyway. It's too cold most of the year."

08/06/2003 14:12