Stella Mccartney is launching her optical eyewear frame line next month.

The fashion designer is expanding her accessories business with the stylish frames in a range done through a license with Luxottica, which has handled Stella's sunglasses collection since 2009.

Stella said: ''Optical is more and more part of fashion. If you actually take a moment to look around, you are surrounded by optical both as a necessity and a statement. It is exciting because it says something new, all ages express themselves through optical.''

The five styles in the optical collection pays homage to Stella's signature masculine-feminine dichotomy as well as her eco-friendly philosophy.

The frames, which retail from $230 to $245 and are available in burgundy, taupe, black, teal and tortoise, are made from 54 per cent natural materials, including cellulose and natural plasticisers.

Stella's career is currently going from strength-to-strength despite being she would ''fail'' when she set up her eponymous label.

The mother-of-four admits she was warned by a senior fashion boss not to leave French fashion house Chloe in 2001 because she wouldn't be able to succeed on her own.

She said: ''He said to me: 'Stella, you will live to regret this. You will fail, and I offer to you to stay here in Paris and start your brand with us.' I was really grateful for his offer, but I stuck to my instincts and told him that I still wanted to go. As I left he said - in a French accent - 'You need to learn. There has never in history of fashion been a British fashion house with a woman's name on the label that has ever been truly global.'

''So I guess I have to thank him - Mr Anonymous.''