While honours lists have repeatedly come under contention by those who have refused their offered accolades, being included in the list and being made a Knight, a Dame, or the like, is undoubtedly one that most find a true honour. This year's New Year's Honours List is littered with both celebrities and the 'average Joe', all of whom have improved the industries and communities that they are a part of. 

Famous highlights of this year include designer Stella Mccartney, illustrator Quentin Blake and actor Ewan McGregor. Stella McCartney's OBE is largely due to her work with the Olympics, which have been a central pivot around which this year's list has revolved. She kitted out the teams in their uniforms in a collaboration with Adidas. Of course, her catalogue of work prior to the Olympics was the reason she was chosen for the biggest sporting event to hit the UK in decades, so this year she also was awarded Designer of the Year and Brand of the Year at the British Fashion awards.

Quentin Blake, the much loved illustrator for Roald Dahl's books, has also been awarded CBE. His distinctive and sketchy style has been the benchmark for many representations of Dahl's characters since their publication. He has also published many of his own books, illustrated the BBC's 'Jackanory', plus he has pledged his entire archive to the House of Illustration which will open in 2014, reports the BBC. He said of the knighthood, that it's "quite a nice 80th birthday present". One that is both well deserved and overdue. 

Ewan McGregor also received an OBE for his services to drama. The Scottish actor has appeared I a great array of roles and a variety of genres from epic sci-fi in Star Wars, to gritty drug-fuelled drama in Trainspotting and the all-singing-all-dancing Moulin Rouge. "I am delighted and touched to be on the New Year's Honours list," he said, reports the Huffington Post. 

The full list of honours can be found here.