Stella Mccartney admits she's "embarrassing" when she sees people with her designs.

The Fashion designer loves seeing members of the public donning her creations and can't stop herself going up to them to say so.

She told "I'm embarrassing when I see someone in the street with one of my bags, I'm like 'nice bag.' It's really embarrassing, I need to stop actually!"

While she loves seeing everyone in her designs, Stella says the person she would love to work with is Jodie Foster.

She told "I'd love to dress Jodie Foster - I love her! I always wanted to dress Meryl Streep too, but she's just started to wear our clothes, so I'm really chuffed."

Despite her success, Stella also revealed she's still motivated by the values that have marked her career.

She said: "I'm very motivated about trying to make tiny bits of change in the industry. To maybe make people think in a different way - if I didn't have that point of difference in not using leather or fur, I think I'd be less motivated. It feels like it has a little bit of reason behind it, other than just making a nice dress."